Voting Members

Geralyn McClure Franklin

Founder/Higher Education Consultant
GMF Academic Advisors, LLC

Ahmed Osman

President & CEO, Chrome


Robert Lai
Immediate Past President

President, Taiwan (Province of China)


Rita Grant
SVP Finance & Control

Associate Professor
School of Accounting
Grand Valley State University

Vicki Stylianou
SVP Development

Executive General Manager, Advocacy &
Institute of Public Accountants

Eric Liguori
President, USASBE

Representative – Largest Affiliate

Lu Feicheng
President, ICSB China

Representative – 2nd Largest Affiliate
Qingdao Feiyang Vocational and Technical


Maria Fernanda Andres
President of ICSB Argentina

Representative – Americas
Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Amr Abou Elazm
President, MCSBE

Chairman, Tamweely Micro Finance
Tenmeyah Micro Enterprises Services

Hermawan Kartajaya
President, Indonesia

CEO, MarkPlus Inc.

Charles Matthews
Wilford White Fellows Representative to the Board

Distinguished Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Founder, UC Center for Entrepreneurship

Non-Voting Members

Winslow Sargeant
SVP, Partnerships

Managing Director, S&T, LLC
Fmr Chief Counsel for Advocacy, SBA

Hanns Pichler
VP, Historian/Archivist

President, Austrian Institute for SME Research Emeritus

Tui McKeown
VP, Research

President, SEAANZ

George Solomon
VP and Editor, JSBM

Professor of Management, GWU

Ki-Chan Kim
VP, Humane Entreneurship Initiative

President, ICSB Korea

Ahmed Shalaby
VP, Entrepreneurial University Initiative

Managing Director

ICSB 2018-2019 Affiliate and Chapter Presidents

Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (CCSBE) – Mary Kilfoil
European Council for Small Business (ECSB) – Silke Tegtmeier
International Council for Small Business Argentina – Maria Fernanda Andres
International Council for Small Business Brazil – Rose Mary Lopes
International Council for Small Business Bangladesh – Mosaddak Chowdhury
International Council for Small Business China Representative Office Preparatory Committee – Lu Feicheng
International Council for Small Business Indonesia – Hermawan Kartajaya
International Council for Small Business Korea – Ki-Chan Kim
International Council for Small Business Mexico – Ricardo Alvarez
International Council for Small Business Myanmar – Myo Min
International Council for Small Business Puerto Rico & the Caribbean (PR&C) – Eileen Figueroa
International Council for Small Business Russia – Yury Rubin
International Council for Small Business Singapore – Elim Chew

International Conference on Small and Medium Enterprise Empowerment Malaysia (ICSMEE) – Yasmin Ahmad
Japan International Council for Small Business (JICSB) – Hiroshi Teraoka
Middle East Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (MCSBE) – Amr Abouelazm
Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand (SEAANZ) – Tui McKeown
United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) – Mark Schenkel

ICSB 2018-2019 Committees

ICSB 2030 Visioning Committee


Zulma Quinones, Chair
George Solomon
Mark Schenkel
Olivia Lu
Hermawan Kartajaya
Silke Tegtmeier
Yury Rubin
Ahmed Osman, Ex Officio
Geralyn Franklin, Ex Officio



  • Reviewing the ICSB 2020 Strategy and achievements to determine how to move forward with the 2030 Visioning process
  • Seeking input from ICSB Board members, Affiliate and Chapter Presidents, members, and partner organizations to determine the strategic initiatives for ICSB from 2019-2030
  • Providing a planning and progress report at the Mid-Year Board Meeting in January 2019
  • Providing a recommended ICSB 2030 Vision Framework for consideration at the Outgoing Board Meeting in June 2019


ICSB Academy Assessment Committee

Luca Iandoli
Eileen Figueroa
Eric Liguori
Silke Tegtmeier



  • Review and evaluate the ICSB Academy
  • Provide recommendations for improvement to the ICSB Academy




Robert Lai (2017-18)
Luca Iandoli (2016-17)
Ki-Chan Kim (2015-16)
Ruben Ascua (2014-15)
Jeffrey R. Alves (2013-14)
Thomas Cooney (2012-13)
Don B. Bradley III (2011-12)
David Smallbone (2010-11)
Annette St-Onge (2009-10)
Charles H. Matthews (2008-09)
Rob van der Horst (2007-08)
Zulma Quiñones (2006-07)
Colin Dunn (2005-06)
Sandra King-Kauanui (2004-05)
José Romaguera (2003-04)

Anders Lundström (2002-03)
Klaas Havenga (2001-02)
G. Dale Meyer (2000-01)
J. Hanns Pichler (1999-2000)
Brian Gibson (1998-99)
Lois Stevenson (1997-98)
William J. Dennis, Jr. (1996-97)
Yoon-Bae Ouh (1995-96)
Ken O’Neill (1994-95)
Lloyd W. Fernald, Jr. (1993-94)
Eugene G. Gomolka (1992-93)
K. Mark Weaver (1991-92)
Bruce A. Kirchhoff (1990-91)
George T. Solomon (1989-90)
Harold P. Welsch (1988-89)

Raymond W.Y. Kao (1987-88)
Donald D. Myers (1986-87)
G.R. Butler (1985-86)
Justin G. Longenecker (1984-85)
Robert H. Brockhaus (1983-84)
Robert Bilodeau (1982-83)
Gerald E. Hills (1980-82)
Grant C. Moon (1980)
Carl M. Franklin (1978-80)
Ole S. Johnson (1976-78)
Wendell O. Metcalf (1974-76)
Robert O. Bauer (1972-74)
Harold K. Charlesworth (1970-71)
Wilford L. White (1969-70)
Shelden R. Wagner (1968-69)

William D. Boub (1967-68)
William A. Toomey (1966-67)
Ray M. Ayres (1965-66)
Eugene Swearingen (1964-65)
Roy T. Shaw, Jr. (1963-64)
Ralph C. Hook, Jr. (1962-63)
Willis J. Wheat (1961-62)
Martin L. Schotzberger (1960-61)
R. Ralph Bedwell (1959-60)
Joseph C. Schabacker (1958-59)
A.M. Woodruff (1957-58)

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