Business Assistance – Fiji

Who We Are

Business Assistance Fiji (“BAF”) is a company limited by guarantee whose members are: The Fiji Institute of Chartered Accountant (FICA), Fiji Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI), Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation (FCEF), and Women in Business (WIB).

Business Assistance Fiji is located at Vanua House, Vanua Arcade, Victoria Parade, Suva, Fiji Islands

Our Vision

A vibrant and sustainable Fijian MSME sector

Our Mission

Meet the MSME sector’s needs through the provision of high-quality business information, advice, and tailored business development services.

Our Objectives

>  To Develop MSME businesses by providing advisory services, trainings, and easily accessible  funding options

>  Collect, analyse, and communicate economic, statistical, and other information relating to the development of MSME’s. 

>  Participate and contribute actively to the policymaking for MSME development in Fiji

>  Promote the development of start-up businesses and encourage women, youth, and other differently abled groups to participate in business activities. 

>  Represent the interests of all MSME’s in Fiji at national and international forums. 

>  Liaise with donor agencies, government agencies and other financial institutions to secure funding opportunities for BAF.

>  Actively participate in MSME related programmes 

>  Develop plans and procedures with the Fijian Government to improve the business regulatory environment.

>  Collaborate with local, foreign agencies and NGO to provide a platform for MSME’s to network and communicate ideas for the improvement of the different sectors. 

>  Identify potential export markets and establish links to create pathways for MSME’s.

The Team

Our Services:

Biz Info Centre: A physical and online hub for business information and services in Fiji.  

Business Diagnostic, Referral & Support Services: Accurate identification of business needs, referrals to business advice and subsidised business support services. 

Business Compliance Support: Financial assistance and expertise for MSMEs to comply with tax and other statutory requirements.

Business Basics Training & Workshops: Workshops and training covering the tools, skills, and knowledge MSMEs need to succeed.

Environmental Adaptation: Promoting and supporting the implementation of environmentally friendly, sustainable, and resilient business practices.

Our Partners

Business Link Pacific – A New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade supported programme for the Pacific Island Countries.

Center for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (PNG) – through the partnership training is offered to broaden knowledge, enhance understanding, and upskill women entrepreneurs to professionally manage their business.

Vodafone Viti Kart (Fiji) – an online platform for MSMEs to trade

Ministry of External Trade, Co-operatives & Small Business – the partnership encourages sharing of MSME information. Reach out to support Ministry funded programmes and co-operatives.