Call for Papers: ICSB’s – JSBMs- Special Issue on High Growth Women’s Entrepreneurship

Call for Papers: ICSB’s – JSBMs- Special Issue on High Growth Women’s Entrepreneurship

The phenomena of women’s entrepreneurship, both the women business owners and their businesses, is viewed as a potential source of economic and social development.   The 2012 GEM Women’s Report noted 224 million women had new or established businesses in 67 economies while today there are 274 million in 74 economies. Despite their participation and contributions, there is a persistent storyline that women entrepreneurs do not perform as well as their male counterparts, in terms of sales, employment growth, or profitability. Critical and missing in the research are studies that focus on high growth women entrepreneurs.  Growth-oriented businesses are essential for all economies to succeed because they are more likely to create jobs and support communities, achieve higher productivity, innovation and exporting. This special issue of the Journal of Small Business Management seeks papers that broadly fit with the overarching theme of growth-oriented women entrepreneurs. To be considered for publication, manuscripts should be submitted to the JSBM electronic submission system at Make sure to indicate that your manuscript is intended for the “High Growth Women’s Entrepreneurship” special issueDEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: February 5, 2018

Dr. Amanda Bullough
Assistant Professor, Management | Co-Director, Women’s Leadership Initiative
Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics
University of Delaware
311 Lerner Hall | Newark, DE 19716

FREE Webinar: About ICSB 2015

FREE Webinar: About ICSB 2015

icsb2015-bannerThe ICSB International Office (IO) is excited to announce a new webinar series dedicated to our next ICSB World Conference – June 6-9, 2015 in Dubai, UAE. Conference website is

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We will answer any questions about the conference, provide insights into the latest announcements, and preview key plenary and parallel sessions.

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FREE WEC Webinar: Gender and Innovation – State of the Art

FREE WEC Webinar: Gender and Innovation – State of the Art

Title: Gender and innovation – state of the artwec-logo-new-small

Presenter: Dr. Elisabet Ljunggren

Elisabet Ljunggren (PhD) is a Research Professor at Nordland Research Institute, Bodø, Norway. Her research interests include gender aspects of entrepreneurship, innovation and business polices. She has published work on the entrepreneurial process, the household dimensions of entrepreneurship, and policy initiatives to enhance entrepreneurship and innovation (e.g. business incubators). She has conducted studies on entrepreneurship in agriculture and innovation in experience based industries. Dr. Ljunggren has published in international journals and been guest editor of IJGE and edited several research books both in Norway and abroad. She has an extensive research portfolio and has experience from EU, international and national research projects. She is currently a guest researcher at Turku University, Finland.

When: 12/17/2014 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
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ICSB Women Entrepreneur Leader Profiles

ICSB Women Entrepreneur Leader Profiles

The total number of women on the planet is almost 3.6 Billion yet the World Economic Forum reports that no nation has yet to achieve gender equality. Depending on where we live, women only have access to 58-70% of the economic, educational, health and political resources and opportunities available to men.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is an unparalleled leader in celebrating women entrepreneurs every year – becoming a leading force for change and growth for women and their businesses. The event provides a mobilized network with a massive list of female business owners, entrepreneurs, change-makers, etc. who are future ambassadors and leaders.

To celebrate, the International Council for Small Business is pleased to highlight profiles for 10 international women leaders who are making inroads and achieving success in their respective countries. These women have been proudly nominated by leaders of our ICSB affiliates around the world and we congratulate them on their achievements!

Middle East & North Africa

MENA MasriAmal Daraghmeh Masri

CEO, Ougarit Group; Editor-in-Chief, CEO and Founder, Middle EAst Business News; Editor-in-Chief and Founder, EcoMag Palestine Magazine

Amal’s main passion and concern is enhancing women empowerment and economic independence. She is very often invited to speak to young women and men at universities, about her experience and to inspire and advice the young generation about how to start their entrepreneurial journey. She is the first prize winner of ” Best Woman Entrepreneur in MENA” Award.

> Click here for Ms. Masri’s Bio

United States of America

USA GeorgeAmy George

CEO and Co-Founder, BlueAvocado

Over the past 20 years, Amy has helped multinationals reduce their carbon footprint with real-time software, made it possible for micro-finance organizations to reach new investors with online tools, and helped Sustainable Food Center improve Ausitn’s food security by launching a downtown farmer’s market. She is a passionate social entrepreneur and constantly works to benefit her local community.

> Click here for Ms. George’s Bio


Kosovo BerishaBesa Berisha

Founder & Executive Director, Uiverzum Audit

Besa established one of the first local financial consulting companies in Kosovo back in 2006 with the aim of increasing the profile of local women entrepreneurs responsible for making a positive change after the war in Kosovo. In 2013, she was recognized by the Government of Kosovo as the ‘Most successful women in business – services category’, an award she received from the President of Kosovo.

> Click here for Ms. Berisha’s Bio


Singapore ChewElim Chew

Founder and President, 77th Street (S) Pte Ltd.

Elim is an advocate for social entrepreneurship in Singapore. She understands the problems most youth and young adults face in fulfilling their dreams and she strives to help them tackle any obstacles they might face. Elim is humbled by awards such as Most Promising Woman Entrepreneur in 2001 by the Singapore Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Montblanc Businesswoman of the Year 2002, Young Woman Achiever 2003 by Singapore Press Holdings and Singapore Promising Brand Award 2004.

> Click here for Ms. Chew’s Bio


Macedonia ChaushevskaIrena Chaushevksa

Initiator, Co-Founder and CEO, New Man’s Business Accelerator

Irena is devoted to transfers of knowledge to the start-ups, enabling development of professional expertise within the local entrepreneur community. Her professional experience includes more than 14 years at managerial positions in the areas of Business Investments, Professional Education & Training, Information Technologies, Creative Industries, Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations, Media, Government. She is member of the Macedonia National Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness Council, Harvard Leadership Network for South-Eastern Europe and active participant in the organisation of the “Woman Day”.

> Click here for Ms. Chaushevksa’s Bio

United States of America

USA ErberJill Erber

Owner, Cheesetique Specialty Cheese Shop and Cheese & Wine Bar

Jill is very hands-on, focusing on retail and restaurant operations as well as the overall health and culture of the business.  The most valuable lessons that Jill hopes her team learns is how to take calculated risks in order to achieve their dreams, how to create a work life of their own design, and how to offer the opportunity for meaningful work to others.

> Click here for Ms. Erber’s Bio


Argentina PicassoLorena Maria Eugenia Picasso

Owner, SOMNO

Lorena started with the idea to make learning fun and stimulate the development and strengthening of cognitive, emotional and social abilities for children and adults. That idea has been translated into a profitable company, with sales that have increased five-fold since it was established in 2010. Lorena is committed to continuous learning and gaining more expertise to be able to develop new innovative and tailored products. She is the Women in Business Bronze Award recipient for 2014 by EMPRETEC – UNCTAD.

> Click here for Ms. Picasso’s Bio


Albania SulaMirela Sula

Founder and Editor in Chief of Migrant Woman magazine

Mirela Sula is a great role model and has inspired a lot of women with her story of starting her life from scratch and creating the reality she is living today: a successful woman with many achievements and contributions toward making this world a better place.

> Click here for Ms. Sula’s Bio


Eygpt LotfyRasha Lofty

Owner & Managing Director, Afnan Company for Egyptian Heritage Products and Oriental Handicrafts

Lofty helps promote traditional handicrafts made by artisans in different Egyptian governorates, thereby helping them make business and generate income. In the products that she manufactures at Afnan, she maintains the traditional design, colors, motifs and embroidery to preserve Egypt’s country’s history and heritage. “I am genuinely inspired by my love of Egyptian heritage and culture. I have a strong affinity with this land that I call home.”

> Click here for Ms. Lofty’s Bio


Isreal RossRony Ross

Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, Panorama Software Ltd.

As Executive Chairman, Rony plays a significant role in expanding Panorama’s global presence, leveraging her over 25 years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the business intelligence industry. Panorama has become the leading developer and marketer of software products for OLAP and BI in the Israeli market.

> Click here for Ms. Ross’ Bio

Call for Papers – Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice January 2016 Special Issue: Careers, Organizations and Entrepreneurship

Call for Papers – Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice January 2016 Special Issue: Careers, Organizations and Entrepreneurship

Call for Papers

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
January 2016 Special Issue

Careers, Organizations and Entrepreneurship

Guest Editors:

M. Diane Burton (Cornell University)
Jesper B. Sørensen (Stanford University)
Stanislav D. Dobrev (University of Utah)

Deadline:  October 1, 2014


Movements between entrepreneurship and paid employment – including both transitions to entrepreneurship and re-entry into paid employment – are remarkably common, yet have only recently begun to attract scholarly attention.  Ferber and Waldfogel (1998) estimate that fully a quarter of young men and a fifth of young women in the United States have experienced a spell of entrepreneurial activity by their mid-thirties.  Far more have contemplated launching a new venture (Reynolds and Curtin 2008).  Most of these entrepreneurs launch their new ventures after having worked for established firms (Sørensen and Fassiotto 2011).  And while between 15 and 30% of entrepreneurs are serial founders who follow one venture with another (Hyytinen and Ilmakunnas 2007), the majority of entrepreneurs, by definition, have a different kind of career transition.  It seems likely that if and when entrepreneurial ventures fail, many entrepreneurs will transition back into paid employment.   These patterns of movement suggest that entrepreneurial activity is usefully studied using a perspective that explicitly conceptualizes the relationship between entrepreneurial dynamics and career processes and outcomes.

While there has been important work done on entrepreneurial careers emphasizing how individual differences in preferences (e.g. Douglas and Shepherd 2002) or personalities (see Zhao et al 2010) affect the propensity towards entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial success, to date most of this work has treated entrepreneurship as a final career destination and ignored the potential for movement back into wage employment or to unemployment.  Most of the existing research also emphasizes stable individual traits such as gender, family background, and personality, as opposed to characteristics that change over time such as family and organizational context.  Thus, there is a compelling need to better understand entrepreneurship in the context of a career trajectory and to take into account life course and temporal differences across individuals.

We seek to complement earlier approaches to entrepreneurial careers that were grounded in psychological approaches to career theory (e.g.  1994 Special Issue of ETP edited by Jerome Katz and Edgar Schein) that emphasize stable individual traits with structural approaches that emphasize organizational context and change.

For this special issue we seek theoretical and empirical work that advances our understanding of the multiple ways in which career experiences shape entrepreneurial activity, and the ways in which entrepreneurial activity shapes career experiences.

Examples of relevant topics include but are not limited to:

  • The role of work experiences on the rate and nature of entrepreneurial entry
  • The impact of employer characteristics and policies on new venture formation and outcomes
  • The dynamics of spin-offs and spin-outs
  • The career trajectories and outcomes of founders
  • The impact of entrepreneurial failure on subsequent outcomes in paid employment

Submissions should be prepared in accordance with ET&P’s guidelines and submitted via Manuscript Central ( ) between September 1 and October 1, 2014.  When submitting, be sure to indicate the submission is for the special issue on Careers, Organizations and Entrepreneurship in the appropriate box.

Questions regarding the special issue may be addressed to:  Diane Burton (


Douglas, Evan J. and Dean A. Shepherd (2002) “Self-Employment as a Career Choice: Attitudes, Entrepreneurial Intentions, and Utility Maximization.”  Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice. 26 (3): 81-90.

Ferber, Marianne and Jane Waldfogel. 1998. “The Long-Term Consequences of Non- Standard Work.” Monthly Labor Review 121 (5): 3-12.

Hyytinen, Ari and Pekka Ilmakunnas 2007. “What distinguishes a serial entrepreneur?” Industrial and Corporate Change. 16 (5): 793-821.

Reynolds, Paul D., and Richard T. Curtin. 2008. “Business Creation in the United States: Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics II Initial Assessment.” Foundations and Trends in Entrepreneurship 4: 155-307.

Sørensen, Jesper B. and Magali A. Fassiotto. 2011. “Organizations as Fonts of Entrepreneurship.” Organization Science 22 (5): 1322-1331.

Zhao, H., Seibert, S. E., & Lumpkin, G. T. (2010). The Relationship of Personality to Entrepreneurial Intentions and Performance: A Meta-Analytic Review. Journal Of Management 36(2): 381-404.

Call for Reviewers: International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research Review Board

Call for Reviewers: International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research Review Board

The International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research (IJEBR) are looking to recruit experienced and developing researchers to join the newly formed Journal Review Board. Reviewers will be expected to carry out no more than three blind reviews for the journal during the course of a calendar year.

IJEBR is currently in its 20th year and has a unique focus on publishing original research related to the human and social dynamics of entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial management in small and growing organizations. The Journal has an international perspective on entrepreneurship and publishes conceptual papers and empirical studies that bring together issues of interest to academic researchers and educators, policy-makers and practitioners worldwide. IJEBR encourages high-quality submissions that advance the study of human and behavioural dimensions of entrepreneurship and smaller organizations. IJEBR provides an internationally recognised platform for exploration and debate centering on research that is relevant to scientific, policy, commercial and social concerns, and which makes a wider impact beyond the academic community.

For more information of the journal and its focus see:

Benefits to joining the Review Board

  • As a member of the Journal Review Board you will be listed on both the IJEBR website and the published journal.
  • It will help you to stay abreast of developments in your area of expertise.
  • Emerald can provide official recognition of your completed reviews.
  • You will receive free online access to the journal for 12 months from the date that you start reviewing for IJEBR.

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer please send a copy of your CV via email to the Editor in Chief, Dr Your supporting email should identify your suitability and motivations for undertaking such a role and a brief list of 2-4 topics with which you would be comfortable in reviewing.

– See more at: