This is a sample educator. Please write about yourself briefly and focus on your teaching experiences. What makes you stand out? Also, if you like to teach online or in-person? Also, would you like to travel to teach in other countries? Share some success stories, awards, and your vision of teaching post this pandemic!
Country of Residence: United States
Topics of Expertise: Corporate Social ResponsibilityDesign ThinkingDigital MarketingEntrepreneurshipFinanceGlobal DevelopmentHumane EntrepreneurshipInnovation CreativityMarketingNew Venture CreationScience & TechnologySmall BusinessSocial EntrepreneurshipSustainable Development Goals
Type of Students Taught: High SchoolUndergraduateGraduateExecutive
Willing to Travel: Yes
Primary Language of Teaching: ArabicEnglishFrenchMandarinSpanish
Years In-Person Teaching Experience: 20 years
Years Online Teaching Experience: 15 years
Will You be Able to Travel if Requested to Teach? Yes
Do you Prefer to Teach Only Online? Yes
Are you Research Active?

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