Previously, Kafayat was a Course Leader and Lecturer on the London Metropolitan University Business Management Programme and has worked in education at all levels as well as in businesses. She has been involved in designing programmes, lecturing, and leading workshops. Central to all her work is the concept of humanity- helping and empowering people to be the best they can. Impacting Lives! Transforming communities, enhancing organisations, and empowering people. Her books: Global Corporate Entrepreneurship and Global Business Hybridization: Perspectives, Practices, Principles, & Policies
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
Topics of Expertise: EntrepreneurshipGlobal Development
Type of Students Taught: UndergraduateGraduateExecutive
Willing to Travel: Yes
Primary Language of Teaching: English
Years In-Person Teaching Experience: 5 years
Years Online Teaching Experience: 1 years
Will You be Able to Travel if Requested to Teach? Yes
Do you Prefer to Teach Only Online? No
Are you Research Active? Yes

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