Permanent Mission of Argentina to the UN Recognizes ICSB Executive Director for his Idea to Create a Dedicated United Nations International Name Day for Micro,- Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

August 8, 2019

Permanent Mission of Argentina to the United Nations, recognizes Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy, Professor and Deputy Chair of the Management Department at the George Washington University and Executive Director of ICSB for his original idea to create a United Nations International Name Day to support Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. June 27 from now on is the official UN International Name Day for MSMEs.

Official Statement
The Permanent Mission of Argentina to the United Nations
June 27, 2019

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

When Argentina, with the support of ICSB, decided to present a resolution in the United Nations establishing June 27th as MSMEs Day, our idea was to showcase the importance of these enterprises in the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.

As it was mentioned earlier today by the Secretary for MSMEs and Entrepreneurship of Argentina, it is a great satisfaction to witness that the visibility of the MSMEs has been increasing since the adoption of the resolution. Previously, the work done at the United Nations was more on a technical level, with specific agencies like the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the International Trade Center (ITC) addressing the issue, but was rarely incorporated in General Assembly resolutions or other High-Level Documents.

This situation has changed. From the year 2017 and the establishment of the day, these references have been appearing in more documents and the topic has garnered support in the United Nations and in many other international fora.

When we drafted the resolution on the establishment of the MSMEs Day, we wanted to raise awareness on the relevance of these enterprises and we are delighted to see that, with the support of all stakeholders, this is happening.

Finally, on behalf of the Permanent Mission of Argentina to the United Nations, I would like to recognize the person that came up with the idea of the International Day that brought all of us here today, the Executive Director of ICSB, Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy.

Permanent Mission of Argentina
United Nations

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