Entrepreneurship as a research field is more than 30 years old and according to some estimations more than 50 years old given the founding of the first academic journals. During this period of time, we have learned a great deal about entrepreneurs, their ventures, and the issues that a growing enterprise/business is face. This meeting EF 2017 focus on what the past work has taught us, what we are currently doing to advance our understanding of the entrepreneurial process, and where we should go in the next ten to twenty years. In addition, the meeting EF2017 focus statistical approaches to be used in the future. This Symposium/Workshop aims to advance knowledge on the entrepreneurship field and provide significant value to entrepreneurship researchers, students, policymakers, and entrepreneurs.



Dr. Candida BRUSH, Babson College

Dr. Patricia G. GREENE, Babson College

Dr. George Solomon, Professor of Management George Washington University

Dr. Malin BRÄNNBACK, Åbo Akademi University

Dr. Alan CARSRUD, Åbo Akademi School of Business and Economics

Dr. Erno TORNIKOSKI, Grenoble Ecole de Management

Dr. Frédéric DELMAR, Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Lund University

Dr. Dirk DE CLERCQ, Goodman School of Business, Brock University

Dr. William B. GARTNER, Babson College

Dr. Benson HONIG, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University

Dr. Robert BLACKBURN, Kingston Business School

Dr. Thomas J. DEAN, Colorado State University

Dr. Léo Paul DANA, Montpellier Business School

Dr. Denis Gégroire, Associate Professor of Management, HEC Montréal

Dr. Mustafa Ozbilgin, Brunnel university



108 Participants

52 Papers, 14 Phd Student

1 keynote speaker, Trish Cotter, MIT

2 tables rondes, 1 meet the editors (JSBM, ISBJ, EMR, RE)

1 consortium doctoral, 8 Mentors

Participants: France, Finland, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, Luxembourg, South Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, Marocco, Columbia, USA, Canada, Israel (52% outside France)

4 Best papers: JSBM, ISBJ, EMR, RE