Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM): Workshop for Researchers, Members of National Teams and Policy Makers

Friday, June 17, 2016 at 2:00pm to 3:30pm in Babbio 220
By Donna Kelley, Babson College, and Jonathan Levie, University of Strathclyde

Your ICSB 2016 registration includes access to all of our workshops. The facilitators of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor workshop describe it as follows:

Using a series of interactive exercises, workshop participants will be encouraged to use the data manager in to search for, download and manipulate data.

We propose to ask participants to first ask themselves what information on entrepreneurship worldwide they would ideally like to get access to. We will use feedback from participants to draw an idealised data map. We will then contrast this with data that has already been collected by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor since 1999. We will also show participants the bibliography of GEM-based publications that is maintained by GEM and available on the GEM website.

We will discuss the main trends in publication using GEM data, challenges as well as opportunities. One misconception about GEM data is that it is just an attitude survey. An important session for the workshop will be to explain the source and construction of the main GEM measures of entrepreneurial activity by individuals.

This individual-based data will be contrasted with firm-based data collected by governments. GEM tracks the whole entrepreneurial process by individuals from intention to exit. It also covers the nature of the entrepreneurial activity being undertaken, aspiration levels, and the form it takes, including independent and company-sponsored new business creation and new economic activity being undertaken by employees short of starting a new business.

About ICSB 2016

This week, ICSB will bring together the world’s foremost NGOs, scholars, social entrepreneurs, policy-makers and others to present research and to discuss current issues facing the world around us. The ICSB 2016 World Conference will take place at multiple locations in New York and New Jersey, including United Nations headquarters and the Stevens Institute of Technology. ICSB 2016 will focus on the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in advancing the UN New Sustainable Development Goals.

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