July 22, 2019

I am honored and privileged to serve as the first Arab, Middle Eastern and Muslim President of ICSB. ICSB is a 64 year old movement, a catalyst of positive change and it is our duty to make sure that we promote social justice and economic empowerment to all sectors of society.

As President of ICSB, I take over the leadership from President Geralyn Franklin and the excellent work she has done.  In line of the recommendations of the 2030 Visioning Committee chaired by Dr. Zulma Quiñones, ICSB Past President and a WWF, we are working on a new comprehensive business model for ICSB which will increase our footprint, impact, add value proposition to our members and work further with our affiliates and partners! Get ready for a new ICSB! 

the ICSB Gazette article I written as president of ICSB focuses on the intersection of Entrepreneurship and Peace. In the Middle East, we have suffered for years from political and social instability. The region went through a series of wars dating to as early as World War I. Most recently, social inequalities, lack of education and high youth unemployment lead to a wave of social unrest, branded “The Arab Spring”.

Entrepreneurship is a path forward that can resolve conflicts. A pair of researchers with Stanford University found via crunching economic and war data, that the more trading partners a country has, the less likely it will be to engage in a war.

I hope you enjoy the ICSB Gazette Article.

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