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International Council for Small Business (ICSB), founded in 1955, is the oldest and largest non-profit organization dedicated to promote the growth and development in small business and entrepreneurship. This global network offers programs, workshops, training sessions and certifications to encourage knowledge sharing. Thanks to the initiative of ICSB, United Nations declared 27 June as Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day.



Launch of the ICSB 2020 Global MSMEs Report

Upon spending time considering and analyzing the pre-existing conditions, especially those that have been exploited due to the stress of COVID-19, at our MSMEs Day Celebration today, we feel prepared to continue the conversation.

To dive deeper into the individual facets of MSME realities, we must create platforms that uplift and highlight MSMEs. We are beyond excited to announce that we will have released our 2020 ICSB Global MSMEs Report. This compilation not only expands our discussion, but it also provides us with a physical representation of our community. Within the pages of the Global MSMEs Report, our community’s members share their stories, be that in the form of their research or their experience. This report represents the true diversity and uniqueness in entrepreneurial activity and small business perspectives dependent on location.


Micro, small and medium size enterprises (MSMEs) represent around
70 per cent of global employment and provide essential opportunities, often for
the most vulnerable, including women and youth. They also make up nearly half of the GDP in developing countries, playing a critical role in advancing shared prosperity.

The International Council for Small Business announces the theme and start of the Celebration of and Action for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises on 27 June

Celebration of and Action for Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) Day are a United Nations Name Day, which was established in 2017. The day, June 27th is meant to demonstrate global support of MSMEs. MSMEs are the most significant contributors to local and global economies. However, they are often much forgotten and oppressed by restrictive policies and unsupported responses in times of need. MSMEs Day seeks to be both a moment of applause for the work that MSMEs do and a moment to gather for future planning to better promote the smaller economic units in the world.

US Senator Marco Rubio, Addresses MSME Day

US Senator Marco Rubio, Addresses MSME DayTuesday, June, 23, 2020

Full Uncertainty That Is Our Certainty

We need to ensure that the entrepreneurial base grows and that the jobs become more diverse

In acknowledging the global changes due to the unforeseen events over the past few months, Prince Constantijn van Oranje spoke about the societal and economic shifts that have taken place resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Having been personally and professionally affected, Prince Constantijn holds the unique perspective in seeing both the positive outcomes and painful truths that these past few months have revealed. In responding to the onset of the lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic, Prince Constantijn and his team immediately saw the need to “pivot” their strategy. Upon the crisis’ onset, they surveyed the startup ecosystem to be able to see clearly and more fully understand the ecosystem’s needs and its views of the perceived economic and financial impact that the pandemic and shut down would likely produce. (Read More)

A New Type of Professor

Challenging us to “re-think” everything, Norris Krueger spent time with us on Thursday afternoon instead of his usual time spent generating the next best entrepreneurial theory. Sitting in the “hot seat,” Krueger is considered the Nikola Tesla of entrepreneurship research today. His presentation demanded that we re-think our mindsets, ecosystems, and methods, in addition to re-thinking why we are necessitating this re-think.

True Equitable Embodiment

As protesters line the streets of every major city, I can not help but hear the cry for a just and green economy. All over the world, people are looking at the old and stagnant economic system of the past and recognizing the absence of its place in this new normal. This new normal, instead, invites an economy generated by and for the people, and I see humane entrepreneurs as the leaders of this movement.

Map of SME-Support Measures in Response to COVID-19

Map of SME-Support Measures in Response to COVID-19 Thursday, June, 4, 2020 By the World Bank Group This dashboard tracks measures that countries are rolling out in support of MSMEs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is updated using information from official...

As the pandemic continues, it might be time to upgrade that temporary home office setup

The past few months of working from dining tables, couches and beds have taken their toll on novice telecommuters. With many of us settling in for the long haul — told to stay home until at least Labor Day or, like some Facebook and Twitter workers, permanently — the makeshift office hacks of the coronavirus shutdown are getting old. America’s backs and necks are suffering.

WTO report examines impact of COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses

The WTO Secretariat has published an information note looking at how micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It notes the impact of supply chain disruptions on MSMEs and the extent to which smaller businesses are represented in the economic sectors hardest hit by the crisis.

ICSB Puerto Rico and the Caribbean’s 1st Conclave

ICSB Puerto Rico and the Caribbean’s 1st Conclave Aug 23, 2018 ICSB’s Affiliate, ICSB Puerto Rico & the Caribbean (PR&C) is excited to announce the 1st ICSB PR&C Conclave. This conclave is PR&C’s 20th anniversary celebration. The conclave is designed...

ICSB Argentina Announces their 23rd Annual Meeting: September 26-28, 2018

ICSB Argentina Announces their 23rd Annual Meeting: September 26-28, 2018 Aug 17, 2018 ICSB Argentina, an affiliated center of ICSB, has announced their 23rd Annual Meeting to be held in Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Mar del Plata, Argentina. The theme is...

Call for Scholars: USASBE Teaching and Learning Scholars Program

Call for Scholars: USASBE Teaching and Learning Scholars Program Jun 01, 2018 Call for Scholars: USASBE Teaching and Learning Scholars Program Jun 01, 2018 The ICSB - United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) Call for Scholars: USASBE...

6th Asia SME Conference Deadline Extended: March 31st

6th Asia SME Conference Deadline Extended: March 31st Apr 3, 2018 The ICSB - Asia Council for Small Business (ACSB) conference will be held from September 10th-13th, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. ACSB calls for submissions of extended abstracts from a broad range of topics...

ICSB Puerto Rico Announces Their Next Conference: April 12, 2018

ICSB Puerto Rico Announces Their Next Conference: April 12, 2018 Apr 3, 2018 ICSB Puerto Rico has announced their 4th conference to be held in the Interamerican University of PuertoRico, San Germán campus on April 12, 2018. The theme is "Normality or New Reality:...
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