How to Build a Sustainable Ecosystem: The Relevance of Governance and Coopetition

Monday, October 14, 2019

How to Build a Sustainable Ecosystem: The Relevance of Governance and Coopetition

Monday, October 14, 2019

Entrerpreneurial Ecosystems

Sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem is one of the latest trends for researchers and practitioners (see TBSearch, 2019). Every institution and every city wish to become a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem. A fantastic place where second chances are welcomed, where innovation is a personal and collective goal, where the entrepreneurial spirit is cultivating in educational institutions, where risk taking and proactiveness are key characteristics. But how can it be possible?

Entrepreneurial ecosystems are sets of interdependent species connected through various interactions within a specific geographic area to foster entrepreneurship and new business creation.

What about successful ecosystems?

Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Boston’s Route 128, North Carolina’s Research Triangle, Waterloo, Boulder, Sophia Antipolis are some of the famous entrepreneurial ecosystems that succeeded to create this entrepreneurial mindset. Most research discussions focus on these successful ecosystems by describing their configuration to inspire other cities to do the same. Other discussions take for granted that these successful ecosystems just happened, without investigating the nature and birth of these ecosystems. Furthermore, these latest debates fail to explain why these ecosystems succeeded better than others and how successful entrepreneurial ecosystems could be created in other places while considering local specificities. (Read more…).

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