The ICSB International Office is located at The George Washington University School of Business and serves to coordinate and implement the day-to-day activities of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB).
Services of the International Office include but are not limited to: Assisting the Board of Directors and senior management with action planning processes and in the delivery of action plan tasks; Generating, maintaining and providing services to ICSB membership from non-affiliated parts of the world; Promoting ICSB and Maintaining marketing materials; Overseeing the production and ensuring the timely delivery of key ICSB products and services; Providing support to ICSB affiliates; and Supporting ICSB Board activities.

Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy

Executive Director

Dr. El Tarabishy is the Executive Director of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), the oldest and largest non-profit organization across the globe devoted to advancing small business research and practices. ICSB is a coalition of more than a dozen national organizations across the globe and represented in over seventy countries.

Dr. El Tarabishy is currently an Associate Teaching Professor of Management at the George Washington University’s School of Business. He teaches various courses including Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, and Innovation and Creativity in the MBA on-campus and online program. Dr. El Tarabishy was awarded Most Outstanding Faculty voted by students in 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011. He developed the first Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Creativity courses offered to MBA students throughout the school of business.

Dr. El Tarabishy created and managed the Global Entrepreneurship Research and Policy Conference (GWOctober.org) that is hosted at the George Washington University. The GW October conference connects the latest and most cuting edge of entrepreneurship research to the most pressing and important national and international policy to promote entrepreneurship and SMEs. The intersection of these two important topics makes the conference vital for global development. Dr. El Tarabishy recently published his new book titled – Information Technology for Small Business – Managing the Digital Enterprise by Springer publishing company. The book covers digital innovation and use of social media for small and medium businesses.

Eugene Cornelius

Director of International Relations and Strategic Alliances

Mr. Eugene Cornelius, Deputy Associate Administrator at the United States Small Business Association, has accepted a one year detail to the International Council of Small Business (ICSB), located at George Washington University, Washington, DC. Mr. Cornelius will bring his extensive international experience and executive leadership to the design, development, and delivery of the ICSB Global program called the 10x10 Program between the United States and ten allied countries around the world that are interested in learning best practices on how to establish small business support agencies. The Program also promotes the facilitation of trade between other countries’ small businesses and the small businesses of the United States.

Mr. Cornelius will be responsible for developing a comprehensive set of ICSB small business best practice guidelines based on U.S. standards; assist ICSB global partners to learn how to engage with the SBA in exporting U.S. small business products and services to their country; and provide global strategic leadership to the program and its board of directors. Mr. Cornelius will continue to serve the SBA as Senior Advisor to the Office of International Trade.

Jordyn Murphy

Project Assistant

Jordyn Murphy is the Global Project Director of ICSB and a graduate from the George Washington University with a BBA in Entrepreneurship. As the Project Assistant of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), she works directly with Board of Directors, President, and Executive Committee to carry out operations around the world.
Her strategic role includes creating, testing and implementing new products for members and private-sector partners. She serves as a liaison from ICSB to the domestic and international membership base as well as the United Nations. She is the primary point of contact for all stakeholders including affiliate secretariats, board members, to Non-affiliated ICSB members and potential members. She also is involved in the organization of the ICSB World Congresses.

Kyle Lyon

Junior Project Manager | Gazette Editor

Kyle Lyon serves as the Junior Project Manager for the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), a non-profit organization devoted to continuing management education for entrepreneurs and small business. In addition to being a project manager, Kyle is pursuing a double major in marketing and entrepreneurship from the GW School of Business. Before dedicating his work towards the ICSB, Kyle served as a Legislative Intern for the Office of Congresswoman Blunt Rochester.

Skye Blanks

Junior Project Manager | Gazette Editor

Skye Blanks serves as the Junior Project Manager for the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), and specifically assists in the Knowledge Hubs (KHubs) project, which are institutions or networks, dedicated to capture, share and exchange development experiences with national and international partners in order to accelerate development for micro-small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). He also specializes in the ICSB’s Entrepreneurship certificate programs . In addition to being a project manager, Skye is pursuing a BA in International Affairs with a concentration in International Development from The George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs and he is also pursuing a minor in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the GW School of Business. Before dedicating his work towards the ICSB, Skye worked abroad as a Research and Development Intern for the Barcelona based NGO, Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo.

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