Prof. Yuri Rubin, president, and Mr. Daniel Mozhzhukhin, chief executive officer, of the Russian Association for Entrepreneurship Education (RUAEE), welcomed Dr. Geralyn McClure Franklin, president-elect of ICSB, to Moscow on Tuesday, September 26, 2017.  RUAEE hosted a luncheon in Dr. Franklin’s honor at Taras Bulba, a popular, traditional Ukrainian restaurant.


The group discussed entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship education in Russia and the important role RUAEE plays in the ecosystem.  Formed in 2008, RUAEE, now also known as ICSB Russia, was founded to develop an entrepreneurship education system in Russia and to promote entrepreneurship research.


This meeting was a “homecoming” for Dr. Franklin, as she visited Moscow in the Fall of 2007, to promote USASBE and ICSB as organization models to the educators and practitioners interested in establishing a professional association to promote entrepreneurship education.  Dr. Franklin was excited to learn of the progress ICSB Russia has made and encouraged the leaders to use ICSB’s global network and resources to support their initiatives.