ICSB World Conference 2017 kicks off at UCA, Argentina’s Catholic University in Buenos Aires.

Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy introduces the first panelists for the ICSB World Conference 2017.

The opening of the ICConferencence 2017 in Buenos Aires.

Francisco Cabrera, Argentinian Minister of Production, joins the welcoming panel of the ICSB World Conference.

ICSB President and Argentinian Minister of Production and secretary of SMEs sign the Resolution for the International MSME day.

Dr. El Tarabishy introduces ICSB’s partners, Facebook $ Amazon.

Jose Ricardo de Freitas Martins Da Veiga, Special Secretary of SMEs in Brazil, at the ICSB World Conference.

“Study the past if you want to define the future.” Confucius History is made.

ICSB Korea at ICSB World Conference

Standing Ovation for ICSB and MSMEs

Peter Cazamias Asst Admin, Office SBA talks about US Best Initiatives Govt Promoted to support development of entres and SMEs

Dr. El Tarabishy reads ICSB’s Proclamation for the need for creation of the MSME day, which was declared at the UN, May 11, 2017


David B. Audretsch at the ICSB World Conference!

“Silicon Valley Model of Entrepreneurship”. How and why do startups survive, when they do?

Dr. El Tarabishy and Patrick Leahy, president of Wilkes University.

Today’s last panel of the ICSB World Conference starts now at UCA.