Winslow Sargeant, ICSB’S SVP of Development and Advocacy, spoke at the United States Chamber of Commerce Small Business Summit on September 11th.


The three day event, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, included notable speakers from Netflix co-founder, Marc Randolph, to Metlife’s VP of Regional and and Small Markets Strategy, Jessica Moser. Topics of the event included tax reform, general advice and marketing for small businesses.


U.S Chamber of Commerce CEO, Tom Donohue, spoke at the event, saying, “A heavy, complicated tax burden means businesses have less money for hiring and investing. The regulatory burden on small firms is 36% higher than for bigger companies.” And causes small businesses to cut back on jobs. Economic growth is good for everyone—every family, every community, and every worker in America. America succeeds when you succeed—our economy grows when you grow.”


America’s small businesses account for 2/3 of new jobs and half of the economic output.