Dear Colleagues:


I have been remiss in not communicating with you on the current state of JSBM.  First, as many of you know, Michael Battaglia, JSBM’s business manager and the heart and soul of our operations, left in April to pursue an excellent career opportunity. In addition, the Ithenticate software was causing major problems with submission and the email at The George Washington University denied us access which virtually locked us out. Finally, we were able to respond to requests prior to entering our busy season for receiving proposed articles.  Since 2010, when we took over, submissions have annually increased to almost 700 articles.


We were fortunate in that Ayman Tarabishy Executive Director, of ICSB and I collaborated on selecting two individuals to replace Michael.  Sergio D’Onofrio,, to handle the JSBM operations and Jordyn Murphy,, to handle the day-to-day ICSB issues and concerns.  However, now that we have gained access to jsbm@gwu.eduplease use this email address, as there has been some confusion in getting emails sent directly to me and Sergio.  I believe that a number of you know Sergio from various ICSB and USASBE conferences. Jordyn is new to ICSB but very dependable and an extremely quick learner. That being said, we needed Michael to mentor both of them over the summer just to become familiar with the operations.


On the bright side, our 2 year impact factor rose to 2.876 and our 5 year impact factor rose from 2.868 to 4.342 (see attached).  We continue to make great strides toward once again being seen by scholars as an equal to Journal of Business VenturingEntrepreneurship Theory &PracticeInternational Small Business Journal and Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.  Hopefully the various ranking groups, FT45 and the Association of Business Schools among others, will finally realize that the field has earned and deserves to have more of their quality journals listed in the top ranks.  In fact, JSBM is now an A in ABDC Rankings I am attaching the ranking table as of 10/22/2017.


For the first time, JSBM and Technovation collaborated on publishing a special issue on technology and entrepreneurship from both a policy and empirical viewpoint. Jonathan Litton and I served as the guest editors for the others respective journal.  Given the high volume of publishable articles in inventory, we have again produced a digital issue to complement our existing four issues.  The digital issue looks identical to a regular issue and in fact almost 90 percent of our subscriptions request digital copies versus hard copies.


Th move toward lowering the inventory and speeding up the length of time from submission to publication does affect impact on a journal.  We are working with some of our associate editorsto simplify the process of getting reviewers from JSBM’s and the web of science database.  If you are having difficulty with reviewers, let us know.


One area that seems to be causing concern and probably affects our ranking is the average number of days to review an article.  We have a number of outstanding articles which were received over 100 days ago.  Please if you are having problems making a decision, let us know. If we don’t keep this number relatively low authors will not submit since issues like tenure and promotion are severely impacted. As such, I have put a temporary moratorium on special issues so we can reduce the inventory still further.


We continue to exploring ways to recognize your support of the journal and the field.  I would appreciate any suggestions  I realize you all have very busy schedules, so I would encourage you to recommend future Associate editors to lighten the load and possibly replace you on the review board.


Due to your tremendous work, a number of top flight publishers are bidding for the right to publish JSBM beginning in 2020.  Finally, I am pleased to announce that the 2016-2017 Associate Editor of the Year is Martie-Louise. Verreynne.  We will be sending out her recognition plaque shortly.


Thanks again for all your hard work.


Have a great day,