Houston Community College: Entrepreneurial Initiatives

Brenda Rios Brombacher, Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives & Community Relations


Who We Are

The Office of Entrepreneurial Initiatives was established to build and sustain the Houston business community through effective and relevant educational initiatives to help businesses grow in revenue, personnel and business opportunities. The Office of Entrepreneurial Initiatives leads and coordinates all business and entrepreneurial initiatives by providing system-wide support, and leadership to fulfill HCC’s Strategic Agenda to “Cultivate and Entrepreneurial Culture Across the Institution.


Houston Community College will be a leader in providing high quality, innovative education leading to student success and completion of workforce and academic programs. We will be responsive to community needs and drive economic development in the communities we serve.

HCC Center for Entrepreneurship Vision:

Center for Entrepreneurship as an active resource for all audiences, and a platform for public-private support to the community:

  • Be responsive to community needs
  • Drive economic development
  • Leading to student success

Thinking about starting a business? Or growing a business?

The Center for Entrepreneurship – Southeast is dedicated to helping individuals interested in ideating, starting and growing their businesses. You don’t have to be a student to participate in our many workshops, seminars, and programs.

The Center is also dedicated to helping our students to have an entrepreneurial spirit, and learn ways to leverage their skills into business ventures.

We have a calendar of workshops, trainings and events that you can choose to participate for free or at a very low cost. 

What do we offer?

1.Community Engagement

2.Practical workshops


4.Technical Assistance & Guidance

5.Access to financial entities

6.Interaction with local/state/federal government agencies

7.Certifications & Business training

  1. Programming in Spanish


Signature Initiatives

1. HCC Women’s Bootcamp

Houston Community College’s (HCC) Women’s Bootcamp is the largest entrepreneurial platform for women-owned startups and women leaders.

We help and support women who have a business idea, and present the steps to follow through that idea. It is also open to women business owners who have a business but want more structure in their business operations, and/ or learn how to increase their efforts and capacity to grow their business.

One of the unique components of the Women’s Bootcamp are the presenters involved, where each of them demonstrate their practical lessons learned in their business experiences as an entrepreneur, and share their expertise and guidance needed for each of the business topics.

Mentoring and networking is also a big part of the event, and participants have the chance to connect with each other over breakfast and lunch while also meeting community leaders.

Workshop Sessions:

  • Idea Creation Techniques
  • The Competitive Assessment & Winning Business Model
  • Keys to Financing Women Business Owners
  • Marketing & Branding Your Business
  • Business Leadership
  • Getting Your Certifications
  • Networking & Business Mentoring

2. HCC Youth Entrepreneurial Programs

Houston Community College’s (HCC) Youth Entrepreneurial programs provide students in elementary schools up to high schools in the community, the exposure and knowledge on what an entrepreneurial mindset means, while preparing them with innovative skills to empower them for future opportunities.

At HCC, we strive to equip our community with an experiential education model that instills entrepreneurial and economic principles that inspire students to overcome barriers, and seize opportunities in STEM, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Our vision is to allow young students to have the confidence in themselves, and believe for what they can accomplish.

Through partnerships like Target Evolution, Lemonade Day, Verizon, Junior Achievement, Black Girls Code, and TiE, we have a collaborative effort to provide various opportunities to different student demographics. Especially for young people in underserved communities, they simply do not witness enough direct representation of entrepreneurial achievement, and the Centers for Entrepreneurship allows a platform to bring community entrepreneurs and STEM experts to inspire our future generations.

Youth Initiatives:

  • Girls in STEM
  • Teen Biz Camp 
  • Black Girls Code
  • Lemonade Day
  • Inventathon
  • TiE Young Entrepreneur Bootcamp
  • Junior Achievement
  • Verizon Innovative Learning

3. Programs in Spanish/ Iniciativas de Emprendimiento en Español

Estamos convencidos que la migración latina en su inmensa mayoría, es una población creativa y buena, con muchas capacidades de emprendimiento deseosa y dispuesta a aprovechar las oportunidades de progreso que brinda este gran país y en especialmente en el estado de Texas.

Nuestro Centro de Emprendimiento de HCC te ayuda a idear, lanzar, crecer, y mantener tu negocio. Nuestros cursos, talleres y conferencias te ofrecen la información y conceptos generales y prácticos para ser tus sueños en realidad.

También en colaboración con Baker Ripley, SCORE, NAMC y Capital One brindamos expertos latinos que tienen la experiencia en diferentes temas, asesoría, y proveen herramientas/ plantillas que lo ayudarán a preparar su plan de negocio, administrar sus finanzas y desarrollar liderazgo como nuevo empresario. 

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Also make sure to watch our monthly TV series: “Our Community, Our Money – The Entrepreneur in You!”


Our Community, Our Money

The Entrepreneur In You

Our Community, Our Money (The Entrepreneur In You), is a show produced with the Entrepreneurial Initiatives department and HCC-TV. The show will focus on topics related to business and the community. The show will promote a variety of activities developed by the Entrepreneurial Initiatives Department, Centers of Excellence, students, partners, and business owners in our community.

The show will air on Mondays, Wednesdays, (6:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.) and Saturdays (7 p.m.) and it is broadcast on AT&T U-verse Channel 99, Comcast Channel 19, TV Max Channel 97, Phonoscope Channel 77 and Cebridge Channel 20. HCCTV reaches more than 700,000 basic cable television subscribers daily in Houston’s city limits and beyond. This show will be an opportunity to drive more engagement to our programs and to highlight the success of our students, small business owners, and community.


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