School of Management Fribourg

Lucia Zurkinden
Scientific Collaborator


The School of Management Fribourg was established in 1991 and is located in the bilingual city of Fribourg, Switzerland. The school promotes an agile and creative mindset through courses oriented towards innovation and entrepreneurship. Additionally, the school provides these courses in English, French and German, thus promoting an international setting. This is reinforced thanks to the school’s strong ties with partner universities, including but not limited to Swinburne University (Australia), Université de Lorraine (France) and University of Quebec (Canada).


The school operates over four axes: bologna programs, postgraduate programs, industrial liaisons as well as research and development. This first two concern education with the former proposing bachelor and master studies, while the latter focuses on executive MBAs as well as diplomas and certificates of advanced studies. The third includes mandates, support, assistance and training for SMEs as well as social and public innovations. Lastly, the school’s fourth axis concerns its research and development tasks, notably leading the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in Switzerland and conducting research in various areas, mainly SMEs, innovation and entrepreneurship. These four axes enable the school to be active in education at several levels, in research and development as well as in the private sector by cooperating with companies from various industries. This not only enables the school to be active across various fronts, but to build connections between the various stakeholders and share learnings across them.




The School of Management Fribourg is an agile and inspiring business school. Its entrepreneurial ecosystem supports, stimulates and works as a catalyst for the ideas of the future generation. The school runs the Institute Small and Medium Enterprises, whose training, research projects and advice are aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, from their start-up phase and throughout development, through innovation or internationalization projects, to takeover. The research projects are designed to generate scientific knowledge and practical recommendations, primarily for business operators and SMEs.


The Student Venture Program is a support programme for students who wish to develop their company or innovative start-up during their studies. Equally, every year the school holds the Innovation Challenge, with the total value of the prizes and benefits for the best projects of CHF 50,000. Located on the school’s campus, the Innovation Club connects interdisciplinary students with regional and international networks by organizing events, workshops and meetings. The Club’s mission is to sensitize students to innovation and entrepreneurship.