On Reporting and Interpreting Statistical Significance and P Values in Medical Research

Mar 22, 2020 | JSBM

By: Herman Aguinis, Matt Vassar, Cole Wayant

Originally published online: November 15, 2019


Recent proposals to change the p value threshold from 0.05 to 0.005 or to retire statistical significance altogether have garnered much criticism and debate. As of the writing of our manuscript, the proposal to eliminate statistical significance testing, backed by over 800 signatories, achieved record-breaking status on Altmetrics, with an attention score exceeding 13000 derived from 19000 Twitter comments and 35 news stories. We appreciate the renewed enthusiasm for tackling important issues related to the analysis, reporting and interpretation of scientific research results. Our perspective, however, focuses on the current use and reporting of statistical significance and where we should go from here.


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