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This membership is for current university undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral students who are looking to expand their classroom education and increase their networking opportunities on a global platform.


An ICSB Student Membership includes:

Digital access to the most reputable international small business and entrepreneurship journals

- JSBM is recognized as a primary instrument for projecting and supporting the goals and objectives of ICSB, including scholarly research and the free exchange of ideas.

- JICSB is a new journal seeking to examine the intersection of research and policy. It explores the many dimensions of micro, small, and medium-sized (MSME) enterprise policy, economic development policy supporting MSMEs, and MSME performance.

- Typically a $250 annual cost

Early invitations to attend ICSB boutique events, conferences, and annual Congress

- Held with partner organizations

- Discounted registration

- Locationally and thematically attractive (2019: Italy, Korea, Egypt, France, Washington, D.C.)

- ICSB World Congress

- The preferential choice for conferences with limited spaces

- Unique opportunity to stay on top of what is happening in the world of MSMEs, in addition to the incredible opportunity to gain knowledge and forge valuable connections that will provide a strong foundation for success.

Access to Entrepreneurship Research

- Access to SME Focus featuring MSMEs from around the world as they highlight their business's opportunities and limitations within their specific environment.

- Many of these events include options to join specialized certifications, which will set you ahead!

Discounted (10%) registration for ICSB's Global Certificate Programs

Direct access to Pitch JICSB's Editor in our monthly Idea Marketplace

- Once a month ICSB members can discuss their research ideas and provide input to JICSB's Editor.

Personal copy of the ICSB Global MSME's Report

- Every June 27th, ICSB members will receive a copy of the ICSB Global MSME Report that summarizes the key reports from all global partners, such as the World Bank, OECD, ILO, the United Nations, and other countries.

Unlimited access to the ICSB Knowledge Exchange

- Works to enhance learning and provide members with new perspectives on research-informed practices and policies.

- This platform works as the launch point for collaborative adaptation efforts that cross traditional sectoral and disciplinary boundaries.

Receive an early viewing to ICSBTV

- Featuring webinars dealing with the most pressing current and emerging topics in the world.

- Access and learn about the different perspectives on MSMEs and entrepreneurship as well as the changing perspectives on research and operation worldwide.

Participate in the ICSB Toolbox

- Our members are constantly submitting tools, tips, and best practices from online education.

- The accepted submissions are posted on the ICSB Toolbox page with the provider's profile.

- Toolbox authors will receive an ICSB certification of appreciation.

Post on and search through the EdExchange database

- Created following the 2020 CEEC & ICSB conference, the EdExchange Initiative is designed to allow educators from around the world to enter their information to teach a variety of courses in and/or related to entrepreneurship and MSMEs.

- The EdEx network is only available to ICSB members.

Access our online discussion board, ICSB Voices

- Access to our online discussion board on which the entrepreneurial and MSME community can meet to discuss.

- Members can create breakout sessions, in which they can specialize in their domains of research and practice.

The price for membership is $75.00 per Year.

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