Anna Debicka

  Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
  Poznan University of Technology

Anna Debicka

Dr Anna Dębicka is an assistant professor of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Communication at the Poznan University of Technology.

Since she had been working in a small family business for over ten years, her research interests from the beginning focused on managing SMEs. She obtained a doctoral degree at the Poznań University of Technology based on research on Crisis Management in SMEs. In addition to research, she devotes a large part of her time to teaching, mainly in the field of Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship, and Finance. She is interested in alternative teaching methods, now also using various online tools to develop entrepreneurial attitudes.

Dr Anna Dębicka is also one of the founding members of the HerWave association - a non-profit organization, which focuses on activities for the development and change of awareness of women in terms of their professional activation, as well as diversity in the workplace.