Ngozi Ogoke

  President / CEO ; Institute of Entrep
  Institute of Entrepreneurial Excellence Innovation
  United States

Ngozi Ogoke

An Entrepreneur and International Energy business consultant, experience with business development, strategy, policy, negotiations and operations of oil and gas, petrochemicals, and chemicals. She has a broad range of experience in the upstream, downstream and midstream segments of the oil and gas industry. This has taken her to USA, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Great Britain, Africa, and the Caribbean. She has practiced in the oil and gas industry for over 15 years. Ngozi is also an Industrial Chemist and has worked as an Analytical, Production, Environmental Corrosion, and Research Chemist in the Oil and Gas industry. She is a Certified Facilitator, Instructor, Coach and a Teacher. Because of her keen interest to encourage people to develop their skills, she has taught at Double Discovery Center, Columbia University, New York; the New York Board of Education in USA and University of West Indies. She has facilitated a variety of courses on oil and gas, business, management, procurement, and safety. As a passion, she believes in empowering and giving learners the opportunity to take an active role in their education and entrepreneurship. She is in teamwork with a global STEAM Organization to educate and train the next tech genius. She is an entrepreneur, initiating some organization aimed at empowering women and youth. She is certified by ICSB as a social entrepreneur; creativity and innovation entrepreneur. Ngozi is also a certified entrepreneur mindset facilitator with ELI. Ngozi has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Chemistry, specializing in Petroleum/Petrochemicals and Mineral resources; and a Master’s degree in Energy and Mineral Resources from the University of Texas, at Austin, USA,. Ngozi is a certified Petroleum Joint Venture Analyst and Administrator by Mount Royal University Canada. She has attended numerous certificate courses including Petroleum Industry Safety courses. She is a registered Professional Chemist and a board director with the Association of Chemical Profession of Alberta. Ngozi is a graduate of Rotary Leadership Institute.

Topics of Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation Creativity, Humane Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility, New Venture Creation, Sustainable Development Goals, Science & Technology, Supply Chain, Global Development

Type of Students Taught: Undergraduate, Executive, High School

Willing to Travel: Yes

Primary Language of Teaching: English

Years In-Person Teaching Experience: 8

Years Online Teaching Experience: 3

Do you Prefer to Teach Only Online? No

Are you Research Active? No