Ricardo Figueiredo Belchior

  Assistant Professor
  ISEG, Lisbon School of Economics and Management -

Ricardo Figueiredo Belchior

Professor at ISEG, Lisbon School of Economics and Management from Universidade de Lisboa and an associate member of ADVANCE / CSG - Center for Advanced Research in Management, I hold a Ph.D. in Management - Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship, a Master in Finance and a Bachelor in Management. With prior non-academic professional experience, in both the private and the public sectors, my career as an academic begins with a multidisciplinary scope and, more recently, with greater specialization in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation management. Currently, my main research focus is related to entrepreneurial cognition and innovation management and, as a teacher I seek to use knowledge as a source of critical and informed thinking.

Topics of Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Small Business, New Venture Creation

Type of Students Taught: Undergraduate, Graduate, Executive

Willing to Travel: Yes

Primary Language of Teaching: English

Years In-Person Teaching Experience: 15

Years Online Teaching Experience: 1

Do you Prefer to Teach Only Online? No

Are you Research Active? Yes