Dr Mariya Yesseleva-Pionka, PhD

  Excelsia College

Dr Mariya Yesseleva-Pionka, PhD

Dr Yesseleva-Pionka held teaching and senior academic management positions in Central Asia (Kazakhstan) and Australia. She specialised in general investments, personal and corporate superannuation investments while working for Westpac Banking Corporation and BT Financial Group in Australia. She is a Treasurer and Board Member of The Housing Connection, a not-for-profit organisation in Sydney, Australia. Her research interests include entrepreneurial finance, traditional and alternative ways to finance small and medium enterprises (SMEs), corporate finance, policies for the small business sector, innovation and SMEs, FinTechs and Blockchain. Dr Yesseleva-Pionka is the Associate Editor for the Journal of the International Council for Small Business (JICSB). She is a Master Teacher for the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) Global Certificate in Entrepreneurial Finance.

Topics of Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Innovation Creativity, Finance, Sustainable Development Goals

Type of Students Taught: Undergraduate, Graduate, Executive

Willing to Travel: Yes

Primary Language of Teaching: English

Years In-Person Teaching Experience: 14

Years Online Teaching Experience: 5

Do you Prefer to Teach Only Online? No

Are you Research Active? Yes