The award is awarded annually to the world’s most influential figures in the field of small industry development. The Minister of Commerce and Industry, Eng. Tareq Qabeel, received the Presidential Award from the International Council for Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship.


The officials of the International Council praised the great efforts exerted by the Minister to develop and support the small and micro enterprises sector in Egypt through the establishment of the SME Development Agency and its adoption of a number of initiatives supporting this vital sector.


This came during the participation of the Minister in the activities of the Forum for the development of small and medium enterprises held within the activities of the “World Week of Entrepreneurship”, in cooperation with the International Council for Small Enterprises and the International Labor Organization


Sherine El-Shorbagy, Executive Director of the Export Development Authority, pointed to the need to work on four main axes to strengthen the SME sector in Egypt, including providing the necessary funding, launching a system of guidance, providing information on markets and facilitating the access of the sector’s products to the global supply chains. The stakeholders in the small projects in Egypt, which include the government, private sector and business development organizations.


Peter Van Goe, Director of the Technical Task Force for North African Countries and Director of the International Labor Organization (ILO) Office in Cairo, said the organization is keen to strengthen the SME sector in Egypt by promoting these projects and expanding cooperation among all stakeholders in small and medium enterprises in Egypt .