This book reinforces the value and importance of entrepreneurial teams within the entrepreneurship literature. The expert group of contributors identifies and develops various key areas of research on entrepreneurship teams and suggests the way ahead for future research in the area.

The contributors expand on the existing literature on entrepreneurial teams by first revisiting the most recent framework applied to entrepreneurial teams (that is the Inputs-Mediators-Outputs-Inputs model) and then advancing our understanding of issues such as formation, structuring, deep-level diversity and emergent states. The book additionally considers different contexts of application with reference to their commonalities and specificities and investigates under-researched areas such as entrepreneurial teams within indigenous communities, ethnically diverse groups and women entrepreneurs. The contributors present practice-relevant research and offer researchers a platform from which they can explore new insights into the phenomenon of entrepreneurial teams.

About Authors


Assistant Professor, Management Sciences, Entrepreneurship, IÉSEG School of Management

Thomas M. Cooney

Professor in Entrepreneurship, College of Business, Dublin Institute of Technology

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