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Entrepreneurial Journey Part 4

The Entrepreneurial Journey Part 4 – Do You Have the Right Brand?

I have argued for more than 20 years that building and sustaining a powerful entrepreneurial brand is critical if a venture is to survive, grow, and endure in a complex and competitive marketplace. Moreover, a new venture has a relatively short time frame in which to establish its brand. If it misses this critical window of opportunity, it is very likely to fail.

Alternative Investments and Pink Diamonds

There has always been a great allure to owning diamonds among investors worldwide. Investments in precious stones and gems fall under the category of alternative investments and collectables with a high-risk factor. Argyle mine has been well-known for supplying natural-coloured diamonds, including white, champagne, cognac, blue, violet, and extremely rare and highly-priced Argyle pink and red diamonds.

Humane Entrepreneurship and MSMEs in a Dynamic World

In championing people first, humane entrepreneurship inhabits a unique role in the business world as inherently human-centered. In light of the pandemic, the necessity of humane entrepreneurial practices has become more apparent than ever before.

The Entrepreneurial Journey Part 2 – Do You Have the Right Opportunity?

The entrepreneurial highway is riddled with the fractured bones and broken dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs who failed to mine the right opportunity. Why? Because some opportunities are simply better than others. Ultimately, you need the right opportunity and exploit it effectively or you will not achieve entrepreneurial success.

Certificate Program for Educators

We are excited to launch our new certificate program- dedicated specifically for educators. The main goal of the program is to help educators – like yourself – to successfully teach the Market Opportunity Navigator and apply it in various educational settings: from accredited courses to practitioners’ bootcamps, for students, entrepreneurs, and business managers.

UN Sustainable Development Goals: How Companies Stack Up

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing witnessed a breakthrough year in 2020 with the most fund inflows on record.
Importantly, for companies that are judged according to ESG metrics, one way to track their progress is through their alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Established in 2012, the UN SDGs are a blueprint for creating a more sustainable future by 2030 that have been adopted by 193 countries worldwide.

The secret letters of history’s first-known businesswomen

Around 1870BC, in the city of Assur in northern Iraq, a woman called Ahaha uncovered a case of financial fraud.

Ahaha had invested in long-distance trade between Assur and the city of Kanesh in Turkey. She and other investors had pooled silver to finance a donkey caravan delivering tin and textiles to Kanesh, where the goods would be exchanged for more silver, generating a tidy profit. But Ahaha’s share of the profits seemed to have gone missing – possibly embezzled by one of her own brothers, Buzazu. So, she grabbed a reed stylus and clay tablet and scribbled a letter to another brother, Assur-mutappil, pleading for help:

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The arrival of the new entrepreneurial revolution requires integrating artificial and human intelligence for new organizational models to comply with future consumer behavior. Sustainable and social values will far drive the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The journey towards humane entrepreneurship was initiated five years ago by ICSB. Mr. Yvon Chouinard forfeited ownership of Patagonia today as the profits will now be used to fight climate change. This is the essence of Humane Entrepreneurship. It is Entrepreneurship for Humanity

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