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Current Status of Museums and Digital Platforms: Passion and Persistence

Those of us in the museum field, as evident in the dialogue between Hilary-Morgan Watt and Lenore Miller, are passionate about presenting art and we can call upon the entrepreneurial spirit for persistence in creating new models of experience. Digital platforms and social media are a form of outreach highly prized now, and in the future.

Real Essence of Sustainable Growth

Empathy and connection are the foundations of our human experience as they are and will continue to be even more so as the foundations of our entrepreneurial experiences.

Evoking Ecosystems: As Nature Intended

There is essentially no framework, which we can construct, that can truly describe a “framework” for ecosystems because an ecosystem’s success is typically based on its ability to capture the least common denominators of a community, or the groups typically left out of the discussion.

The Stakeholder Share: Entrepreneurship’s Return to Its Roots

This week, having started the New Professor Program, we have been reflecting much on the elements necessary as we build entrepreneurship that is focused on innovation for humanity and the pursuit of business opportunities for profit, society well-being, sustainability, and the integration of all people.

Answering key questions around informality in micro and small enterprises during the COVID-19 crisis

Understanding how informal enterprises are affected by the Covid-19 crisis is of central importance for identifying effective responses and designing support strategies that can encounter the socioeconomic impacts of the global pandemic.This document provides answers to a set of questions that address, for example, how governments and other actors can effectively reach out to informal economic units, the kind of support that is needed and what might be effective ways to reduce the risk of informalization of formal jobs and economic units.

The Origins of the term Sustainable Development

In declaring an end to the status quo, we are simultaneously admitting and choosing to move towards sustainability, human-focused efforts, and ecological endeavors that uplift the human-Earth symbiotic relationship. In our efforts to seek sustainable efforts and to foster sustainable practices within and throughout entrepreneurship, we must first define the term, so that we can more greatly embody its cyclical, caring, and forward-focused nature.

Intelligence in the Birds’ Nests: Why Humane Entrepreneurship is the Future

As we move into our digital future, we, as a global community, are experiencing unprecedented levels of activity as well as a simultaneous rise in the average person’s uncertainty of their environment. These have been intensified by the fast-paced environments that we have created to shape and nurture future entrepreneurs. The rise in mental health struggles for entrepreneurs and our harmful effect on the environment suggest that this fast-paced environment in which we have sought to nurture entrepreneurial talents is in no way sustainable. During a recent ICSB Knowledge Exchange webinar, Dr. Taura presented his futuristic vision of a digital revolution which includes humane entrepreneurship.

10 Reasons Why Every High Schooler Should Launch a Business

Do you often feel overwhelmed by choosing a college or even a path of study? Much of what you do in high school will shape your career interests and help you determine your major. Too many students will discover too late, however, that their chosen college major may not be for them. High school is the perfect opportunity to experiment with many different skills and find which ones invigorate or drain you.

Democratization of Knowledge

“Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy… cities will never have rest from their evils — no, nor the human race as I believe…” (Plato)

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The arrival of the new entrepreneurial revolution requires integrating artificial and human intelligence for new organizational models to comply with future consumer behavior. Sustainable and social values will far drive the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The journey towards humane entrepreneurship was initiated five years ago by ICSB. Mr. Yvon Chouinard forfeited ownership of Patagonia today as the profits will now be used to fight climate change. This is the essence of Humane Entrepreneurship. It is Entrepreneurship for Humanity

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