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The panelists for “Arts and Entrepreneurship” (September 1, 2020) described both practicality and idealism under the current circumstances of distancing and digital outreach. The “new normal” of virtual representation was discussed by Tim Davis and Pat Thornton, who are forces in bringing the community together with positive visualization.

The Top Funded Women Founders in Every State

The top women entrepreneurs and female founders in the U.S. are doing well, but there is a considerable gap from top to bottom. But there is an even bigger gap between what male and female founders receive in funding.

Humane Entrepreneurship in Action

In guiding our actions towards Humane Entrepreneurship, we can be an organization that does not only preach about Humane Entrepreneurship but one that also practices it.

ICSB Resiliency Diploma

This ICSB event program, called the ICSB Resiliency, involves members who are looking for a formalized way of participating in ICSB programming. This is an incredible way to allow us to hold our members accountable to engage with their continued education and commitment to the evolution of entrepreneurship.

The End of the Status Quo

As transparency increases and the global population stands firmly and united in their demands to promote a just and green economy.

In December of 2019, ICSB provided a message to its entrepreneurship community, indicating the foreseeable “End of the Status Quo.” ICSB was expecting the need for a great upheaval of our past societal structure to meet the needs of an advancing world. With the growing demand for employment opportunities, attention to global health trends, and humanitarian justice, we can no longer ignore how our status quo has failed us.

The Changes in Wealth

Altering Perspectives with Humane Entrepreneurship

In the introduction to our paper, “Humane Entrepreneurship: How Focusing on People Can Drive a New Era of Wealth and Quality Job Creation in a Sustainable World,” Dr. Ki-Chan Kim, Dr. Song-Tae Bae and I posed the question, “Where — exactly — is the wealth of nations?” 

Learning Lovingkindness: Three Lessons

Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom. -Theodore Isaac Rubin, psychiatrist and writer (1923–2019)

SDGs and Humane Entrepreneurship

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals seem to be the most united and comprehensive guide in which our global community might simultaneously survive and heal its inequalities that have been plaguing our world. Resulting from historical injustices, the world is far from equal. As mentioned earlier in this series, the concept of Humane Entrepreneurship (HumEnt), regarded on a large scale, poses our only survival mechanism to enable the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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The arrival of the new entrepreneurial revolution requires integrating artificial and human intelligence for new organizational models to comply with future consumer behavior. Sustainable and social values will far drive the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The journey towards humane entrepreneurship was initiated five years ago by ICSB. Mr. Yvon Chouinard forfeited ownership of Patagonia today as the profits will now be used to fight climate change. This is the essence of Humane Entrepreneurship. It is Entrepreneurship for Humanity

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