Announcing the ICSB Humane Entrepreneurship Award

The International Council for Small Business (ICSB) is pleased to announce the inaugural awards for “Humane Entrepreneurship” that recognizes organizations from around the globe who both excelled in business while providing a positive impact in their local communities and regions.

Apply for the ICSB Humane Entrepreneurship Award

Does your organization excel in business while providing a positive impact in their local communities and regions? Apply now.

The Forum for Entrepreneurs and 
Micro-Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs)

Creating a Shared Future for Entrepreneurs and MSMEs
United Nations Headquarters, New York
May 10

2018 ICSB World Congress

Reshaping the World Through Innovative SMEs
Taipei, Taiwan
June 24th-June 29th, 2018
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ICSB 2017 – A Year in Pictures

ICSB members tried to capture many of the highlights of 2017. This has been one of the busiest years for ICSB. We would like to share some of the magical moments of ICSB in our now new tradition started by the Immediate Past President Dr. Luca Iandoli and continued by...

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The International Council for Small Business (ICSB) is a non-profit organization devoted to continuing management education for entrepreneurs and small business. Founded in 1955, the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) was the first international membership organization to promote the growth and development of small businesses worldwide. The organization brings together educators, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from around the world to share knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. READ OUR STORY »



ICSB uses our global network to promote the development of knowledge in all areas of business theory and practice proven to be effective in sustaining small business and entrepreneurship. Collaborating with our partners from around the world, we work to deliver the following programs, workshops, training sessions and certifications to bring our members together and encourage knowledge sharing.

Learn From The Very Best

Access to the best minds in business, education and government

Global Conferences

Access to ICSB’s annual world conference and regionally-affiliated conferences

Journal of Small Business Management

Subscription to ICSB Bulletin and the internationally respected JSBM

Subject Matter Expertise

Access to the latest information on entrepreneurship and SMEs globally


An Extraordinary Experience. ICSB wishes to thank all the participants that made the 2017 ICSB World Conference a resounding success. If you attended the event, don’t forget to sign and leave a message!


In order to provide additional benefits to our members, ICSB engages in strategic partnerships with organizations who have a similar mission – to cultivate and grow the global small business climate.



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