ICSB Call for Nominations

ICSB is currently accepting nominations for the FY 2017-18 Board of Directors. Fiscal year is April 1 - March 31.

Greetings from the ICSB Immediate Past President, Dr. KiChan Kim.

One of my roles as the Immediate Past-President is the chairing of the Nominating Committee for the next slate of officers. We have made the nominating process as transparent as possible and below you will find an online form to submit your nomination.

The current ICSB Board of Directors are:

Voting members
*President – Luca Iandoli (Europe)
*President-Elect – Robert Lai (ROC-Taiwan)
*Immediate Past-President – Ki-Chan Kim (Korea)
*Senior Vice-President, Finance & Control – Geralyn Franklin (USA)
*Senior Vice-President, Development – Winslow Sargeant (USA)
Affiliate Representative – Ted Zoller (USASBE)
Affiliate Representative – Lu Feicheng (ICSB China-Mainland)
Affiliate Representative – Juan Federico (ICSB Argentina)
Affiliate Representative – Ahmed Osman (MCSBE)
Affiliate Representative – Hermawan Kartajaya (ACSB/ICSB Indonesia)
Wilford White Fellows and Past-President Representative – Brian Gibson (Australia)
*Indicates an elected position.

Non-voting members
Vice-President (VP), Historian – J. Hanns Pichler (Europe)
Vice President (VP), Mohammad M. Al-Zuhair (Kuwait)
Vice President (VP), Jeffrey Alves (USA)
Vice President (VP), Silke Tegtmeier (Europe)
Vice President (VP), Anthony Mendes (USA)
Vice President (VP), Alex DeNoble (USA)
Vice President (VP), Olli Vuola (Europe)
Vice President (VP), Amr Abouelazm (Egypt)

In this year’s election, nominations will be accepted for the position of President-Elect.

The position of President-Elect is a one (1) year term, followed by subsequent one (1) year terms as President and then Immediate Past-President. The positions of SVP for Finance and Control and SVP for Development carry two (2) year terms and were  included on the ballot last year.

Please remember that all nominations will be vetted by the ICSB Nominating Committee before appearing on the ballot, so it’s very important for all candidates to submit the (1) current bio and (2) statement of purpose to complete their nomination package.

We welcome all nominees who will be fully committed to the work involved in being a Board Member and will contribute positively towards achieving the goals of the organization.

The deadline to submit a nomination is January 18, 2017.


ICSB Call for Nominations FY2017-18

  • I. Nominee Information

    Enter required information about the person you are nominating (the nominee). Each nominee must be a member in good standing of ICSB and must have agreed to serve, if elected.
    President-elect: 1-yr term, followed by subsequent 1-yr terms as President and Immediate Past-President
  • II. Nominator Information

    Enter required information about yourself.
  • III. Supporting Documentation (Required to Complete Nomination)

    Please inform the nominee to send to the ICSB International Office (IO) the following supporting documentation. The files can be uploaded here or sent to the ICSB IO via email ( or fax (001-202-994-4930). The nominee must be a member in good standing of ICSB and must have agreed to serve, if elected.
  • (1) a one page biography setting out their recent and relevant experience and qualifications that qualifies them for acting in that position on the Board
  • (2) a one page explanation of why they want to serve and what they can bring to the ICSB through assuming that position on the Board.

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