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The International Council for Small Business – Bangladesh (ICSB Bangladesh) is established to provide a community and network support particularly to its members, Social Enterprises, and Small and Medium Enterprises at large, and to enhance their ability to develop and grow through sharing of knowledge and experience, thereby facilitating the growth and development of Social Enterprises, Small and Medium Enterprises in Bangladesh.

ICSB Bangladesh Chapter is committed to a free exchange of ideas between entrepreneurs, business practitioners, business educators, researchers, bankers business financiers, policy makers together other agencies and professionals involved in the development of Social Enterprises and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Entrepreneurship.

The Chapter’s goal is also to gain a better understanding of the local SMEs Social Enterprises, their needs and challenges, their performance and achievement, their values and mindset, and the eco-systems within which they operate.

With this understanding, the Chapter hopes to contribute some useful ideas and effective measures that can help SMEs and Social Enterprises improve their performance, and hence their contribution to the economy.

1. Legislation of laws

SME friendly business environment the proposed  ICSB BANGLADESH CHAPTER will advocate with the government to establish SME friendly regulations and legislative framework.

2. Identifying problems

Identifying problems & prospects of SMEs/SME sectors/SME cluster for designing appropriate development interventions. Proposed ICSB Bangladesh chapter will conduct necessary research, survey, study and prepare data bank on SME sectors to appropriate interventions for effective development of micro, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs. ICSB Bangladesh chapter will try it’s best to prepare data banks for all the small, medium and cottage industries.

3. Ensuring availability of support services

Ensuring availability of business support services for SMEs. Proposed ICSB Bangladesh Chapter will facilitate to ensure availability of business support services for SMEs through business related information, advisory services, product marketing facilitation, stimulating creativity and innovation, encouraging competitiveness, etc. ICSB Bangladesh (proposed) has already found some support services that will be able to help.

4. Access to Institutional Finance for SME

Access to institutional finance for SMEs.Access to finance is one  the major components for SME sector development. To ensure easy access to institutional finance for the SMEs the proposed ICSB Bangladesh Chapter will undertake credit wholesaling program, advocacy with the central bank, facilitate capacity building of Financial Institutions, facilitate bridging among banks and entrepreneurs, etc.

5. Access to Technology

Up-gradation and adoption of appropriate technology for SMEs. Proposed ICSB Bangladesh Chapter will facilitate to inject new technologies and ideas in SME sectors. It will also promote SMEs by facilitating through adoption of appropriate technologies resulting increasing productivity, eco-friendly business development, employment creation and poverty alleviation.

6. Developing Human Resources

Develop human resources for SMEs, proposed ICSB Bangladesh Chapter will focus both on creation of new entrepreneurs and development of entrepreneurs and workforce. ICSB Bangladesh chapter will try to give opportunities to the workforce that already exists while trying to give opportunities to new workforce. This will help ICSB grow.


Syed Ferhat Anwar, Ph.D.

ICSB- Bangladesh: Chief Patron

Ashraf Bin Taj

ICSB- Bangladesh: Secretary General

Dr. Mosaddak Ahmed Chowdhury

ICSB- Bangladesh: President

Professor Md. Muhaimin Arif

ICSB- Bangladesh: Treasurer

Dr. Md. Enamul Haque

ICSB- Bangladesh: Vice President First (Academic)

Sharmin Akhter Rima

ICSB- Bangladesh: Contact Person

Mohammad Shariful Islam

ICSB- Bangladesh: Vice President Second (Industry)