International Network for SMEs

100 Members; 44 different countries

The International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises – INSME is a not-for-profit Association aiming at strengthening international cooperation, exchange of know-how, best practice approaches and expertise in innovation and technology transfer among economic players and intermediaries worldwide.

Their goals are:

  • To create a permanent forum to promote a multilateral dialogue among different stakeholders engaged in making innovation happen in SMEs.
  • To be a multiplier and disseminator of information and opportunities for cross-border collaboration to enhance SMEs competitiveness and innovation potential.
  • To act as a network of networks, problem solver and facilitator for its Members.


International Trainings : Co-organized by global institutional partners during INSME Annual Meetings.

INSME Annual Meetings : Including international conferences, expert round tables and innovation tours.

INSME Academy : A webinar-based Training Program offering one lunch time-seminar per month addressing Creativity, Innovation, Strategic Partnerships, and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

INSME Blog : A space to share and discuss ideas, hints, projects and your visions on innovation.

Selected Classroom Trainings on informal and non-formal competences, innovation management and intellectual property rights.

INSME Alerts : Personalized email alerts to INSME Members covering selected thematic and geographical priorities.

INSME News: A monthly newsletter reaching an innovation stakeholder database including nearly 20,000 organizations to provide a panorama of current trends, innovation excellences, events and global priorities with regard to knowledge and technology transfer.

Project Development Unit : Info and partnering occasions for projects, initiatives, and internationalization opportunities.

SMEs Expert Portfolio : For the participation in international Project initiatives and calls, studies and INSME Expert Working Groups.


INSME Secretariat

Headquarters in Rome

T: +39 06 6880 6803