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Middle East Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (MCSBE), is the outcome of the aspirations of a group of Egyptians dedicated to the vision of advancing entrepreneurship and small business in Egypt and the Middle East. MCSBE is an affiliate of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) covering Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Morocco, and linking to the ICSB global network of affiliates and members from 70 countries around the world.

Members of the MCSBE include representatives from government bodies, universities, business associations, banks, venture capital companies, donors, consulting companies, large corporations and entrepreneurial companies, business development service (BDS) providers, and development NGOs.

MCSBE Objectives

  • Advocate the formation and growth of small businesses as a mechanism for economic growth and development;
    Encourage research in the field;
  • Improve knowledge, techniques and skills relevant to entrepreneurship and small business development;
  • Develop an improved understanding of entrepreneurship in its various forms;
  • Coordinate and cooperate with the various governmental institutions involved in encouraging and supporting the development of entrepreneurship and small businesses;
  • Organise conferences and other events to promote the free exchange of ideas and knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and small business, both between MCSBE members and with stakeholders and other interested persons and organisations in the field;
  • Exchange and creation of knowledge; and
  • Liaison, including affiliating with other associations or bodies with similar objectives.


Mr. Ahmed Osman
Vice President / Area Manager at Projacs International
Board Member & President – Global Entrepreneurship Week (Egypt)
Email: president@mcsbe.net
Immediate Past-President
Mr. Ashraf Sheta
Professor of Management, School of Business, The Amercan University in Cairo
CEO, Shetatex (Cairo, Egypt)
Email: ashrafsheta@aucegypt.edu