At the United Nations – New York

MAY 10th, 2018 


Creating a Shared Future for Entrepreneurs and MSMEs

The global outlook has changed dramatically for entrepreneurs, start-ups, micro-small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) worldwide. They now are the central economic topic for many governments around the world.

Governments are moving rapidly to shore up support for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and MSMEs through new initiatives. Policies are being formulated to help integrate entrepreneurs and MSMEs in the economic formula and to help equip them for the global marketplace.

Yet, direct challenges from many fronts, are increasing for entrepreneurs and MSMEs.  These challenges include disruption by artificial intelligence, lack of skilled workers and quality jobs, and retail and service consolidation. The balance between the country’s economic well-being and social integration continuous to widen as evident by the marginalization of many groups within the economy. Doing well economically may not be the same as doing social good for many stakeholders. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are clearly defined to help solve these global challenges, but the role of MSMEs in achieving them need to be further articulated and enhanced.

Divergent initiatives, programs, messages, and policies further fragment the potential for a global movement led by MSMEs. This forum will lay the foundation for a common global narrative on how MSMEs can make their major impact in achieving and leading the SDGs and identify the type of support they need.


May 10 Tentative Agenda

9:30 a.m. Check-in at the United Nations Main Entrance

10:30 a.m. Roundtable Discussions by Theme:

  • Room 1 Business for Development chaired by Chantal Line Carpentier
  • Room 2 Meaning of Work – chaired by: Peter Van Rooij, ILO – Egypt
  • Room 3 Humane Entrepreneurship chaired by Dr. Ki-Chan Kim
  • Room 4 Women Entrepreneurial Leadership chaired by Dr. Geralyn Franklin
  • Room 5 Policy for Development chaired by Dr. Winslow Sargeant
  • Room 6 Finance for Development chaired by Matt Gamser, IFC
  • Room 7 Education for Development chaired by Dr. Roberto Parente
  • Room 8 Research for Development chaired by Dr. George Solomon

12:30 Lunch (on your own)

13:30 – 14:30 Forum for Entrepreneurs and Micro-Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Welcome

  • Moderator: Ayman El Tarabishy, Executive Director for the International Council for Small Business
    Remarks by: Luca Iandoli, Past President of ICSB


14:40 – 15:20 ICSB MSME DAY – Humane Entrepreneurship Awards

  • Chair:  Former Republic of Korea, Small and Medium Business Administrator Minister, Young-Sup Joo, ICSB Humane Entrepreneurship Award Chair
    Witness by: Robert Lai and Geralyn Franklin
  • Sponsor: Dr. Chang-Jae Shin, CEO of Kyobo Life
  • Presentation of ICSB Country Ambassador Awards
  • Presentation of ICSB Global Ambassador Award
  • Co-Sponsor by Tatweer Misr – Egypt

(NOTE: Interested in learning more about the Humane Entrepreneurship Awards and applying? Click here >

15:20 – 16:00 Creating a Shared Future for Entrepreneurs and MSMEs

  • Co-Chairs:  Former Minister Young-Sup Joo and HE Mariano Mayer – National Secretary for Entrepreneurs and Small & Medium Enterprises – Argentina Republic

16:00 – 17:00 ICSB MAYORIAL ROUND (7 speakers)

  • Moderator: Winslow Sargeant, Senior Vice President of ICSB
  • Remarks by: Ki-Chan Kim, Past President of ICSB

17:00 – 18:15 ICSB MSME DAY – Academic Leaders (7 speakers)

  • Moderator: Ayman El Tarabishy, Executive Director ICSB
  • Remarks by: Katia Passerini, Dean, St. John University (New York)

18:15 Adjournment

18:30 – 20:00 Reception (location to be confirmed)

May 11 ICSB New York Partner Events hosted at St. John University

10:00 am – 2:00 pm MSME Day Partner Event: ICSB Global Certificate on Social Entrepreneurship

2:30 pm – 4:30 pm MSME Day Partner Event: ICSB Global Certificate on Innovation 
and Creativity