The list of programs below is taken from an article by Teresa Daniel and Calvin Kent from Marshall University titled “An Assessment of Youth Entrepreneurship Programs in the United States.” “The authors have identified more than one hundred organizations that provide some form of youth entrepreneurship programs. This list includes groups providing in-school programs, after school activities, curriculums and materials, teacher training and awareness programs. The list did not include local groups, community organizations, lodges, service clubs and others who support summer camps, shadowing programs and speaker series. While this paper evaluates only the organizations with significant national impact, a description of many of the programs reviewed is available at

BizWorld (

Education, Training & Enterprise Center (EDTEC at

National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE at

PACE, the Program for Acquiring Competency in Entrepreneurship (

Boy Scouts of America (

Business Professionals of America (BPA at

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America at (

Future Farmers of America (FFA at

4-H Council (4-H at

Junior Achievement (JA at