Entrepreneurial Activity Across the Globe in 2019

Monday, March, 16, 2020

Entrepreneurial Activity Across the Globe in 2019

Monday, March, 16, 2020

 Levels of Entrepreneurial Activity in 2019

This chapter reports on levels of entrepreneurial activity across the world. Economies differ considerably in terms of their engagement in entrepreneurial activities. Some of these differences reflect the way in which entrepreneurial activity manifests itself: in some economies there are large numbers of self-employed and startup activities; in other economies there are relatively more established and medium-sized firms; while in others entrepreneurial employees (often termed “intrapreneurs”) within existing companies are prevalent. As noted in Chapter 1, GEM takes a broad approach towards entrepreneurship. Accordingly, this chapter includes the following measures

  • The proportion of adults who are actively engaged in starting or running new businesses in each. economy (Total early-stage Entrepreneurial Activity [TEA]);
  • The proportion of adults owning and managing an established businesses;
  • The sector distribution of entrepreneurship;
  • The proportion of adults involved in Entrepreneurial Employee Activity (EEA) as part of their role in existing organizations.

These different manifestations of entrepreneurial activity each contribute to a sustainable economy in their own way. While startups mirror dynamism and potentially

“creative destruction” (where new businesses challenge and replace obsolete ones), intrapreneurs can ensure continuous innovation in larger organizations. At the same time, owner-managers in established firms (mostly classified as small or medium-sized enterprises) often form an important backbone to an economy and society.

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