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Micro-, Small-, and Medium-sized Enterprises Day

Thanks to the initiative of the ICSB, the United Nations declared June 27 as Micro-, Small-, and Medium-sized Enterprises Day.  LEARN MORE>

ICSB YOUTH ACADEMY - JULY 13 - 24 - Now Open! We are calling all high school students! We offer you a great opportunity to learn in a fun, friendly, and fresh way! We aim to educate young minds on skills you can use when applying for university or a job.

Engaging with art from an entrepreneurial perspective can teach us much about the seemingly endless scope of entrepreneurial pursuits, just as working from the perspective of an artist can show us new opportunities.
Joins us today, June 29 at 4 pm EDT

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Micro, small and medium size enterprises (MSMEs) represent around 70 per cent of global employment and provide essential opportunities, often for the most vulnerable, including women and youth. They also make up nearly half of the GDP in developing countries, playing a critical role in advancing shared prosperity.

Launch of the ICSB 2020 Global MSMEs Report

Upon spending time considering and analyzing the pre-existing conditions, especially those that have been exploited due to the stress of COVID-19, at our MSMEs Day Celebration today, we feel prepared to continue the conversation. To dive deeper into the individual facets of MSME realities, we must create platforms that uplift and highlight MSMEs. We are beyond excited to announce that we will have released our 2020 ICSB Global MSMEs Report. This compilation not only expands our discussion, but it also provides us with a physical representation of our community. Within the pages of the Global MSMEs Report, our community’s members share their stories, be that in the form of their research or their experience. This report represents the true diversity and uniqueness in entrepreneurial activity and small business perspectives dependent on location.


Financial inclusion for MSMEs and women’s economic empowerment
Restructuring for Resilience: Europe Post COVID-19
Family Business as A Model for Humane Entrepreneurship


Call for Insights: SME Finance Outlook 2030
UN marks 75-year milestone anniversary of founding Charter
US Senator Marco Rubio, Addresses MSME Day
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Watch the 2020 MSMEs Day at the United Nations covering First Responders to Societal Needs.

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