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2022 ICSB Top Trends Out Now!

The latest release of ICSB’s Top MSMEs Trends for 2022 can be utilized to grow and optimize small businesses in the global economy. Extending the principles of frugal innovation further and expanding the possibility of what this recovery can look like. Read More Here!

End of Year Statement

“We have succeeded through education, engagement, and resilience together. We will carry this gifted inspiration as we move forward.”

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SBC Conference - January 20-21, 2022 - Hybrid Format in Montreal and Online

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Alexander Bergfeld won The Erik K. Winslow Best Doctoral Award at the World Congress for: “For the People by The People – “The case of De Dietrich Stewardship”  (See more award recipients…).

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Alternative Finance Landscape: Roboadvising

At various stages in their personal lives, many entrepreneurs choose to seek the advice of a finance professional to assess risks and recommend financial solutions that could help in the financial decision-making process.

Why Corporate Entrepreneurship And Why Now?

Today, as a global society, we are faced with our form of punctuated equilibrium event brought on by a confluence of exogenous forces led by the COVID-19 pandemic and enhanced by intensified global concerns about the environment and climate change and demands for social justice through meaningful diversity equity and inclusion.


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