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The International Council for Small Business (ICSB) is a non-profit organization devoted to continuing management education for entrepreneurs and small business. Founded in 1955, the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) was the first international membership organization to promote the growth and development of small businesses worldwide. The organization brings together educators, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from around the world to share knowledge and expertise in their respective fields through publications, programs, workshops, training sessions and certifications



ICSB Member of the Week

Saleha Khumawala is currently working as a Professor of Accounting (University of Houston) and Founding Director of SURE. (Read more…)

Our #4 Top Trend for 2021 (Digital Distinction) In Action 🗞️

Digital Distinctions and Platforms can be the edge for #entrepreneurs and #SMEs. Tying your business’s investment in digital presence to skills/educational opportunities is a smart way of growing your footprint.


📢 Today at 14:00 CET we launch the new @ILO
World Employment and Social Outlook (WESO) report on the impact of digital labour platforms on the #worldofwork.

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Internship opportunity alert! Jobs for Peace and Resilience (JPR) @ilo

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Re-imagine Series: Imagine all the People Livin' Life in Peace

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down with devastating effects that will continue for years to come.  However, it is essential to take a moment and remember that this is not the first challenge the world has faced, and, despite wars, famines, and plagues, humanity has made great strides to improve the quality of life across the globe.

La sustentabilidad en las Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas (PYME)

Parte fundamental de todo emprendedor, y su interés de crear una nueva empresa, en lugar de emplearse en una ya existente, es que todos los recursos invertidos en este StartUp se vean capitalizados por muchos años. De hecho, no se piensa en que esta aventura algún día terminará con el cierre de la empresa, al contrario, se imagina hacia futuras generaciones.


Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs
El ABC del Emprendimiento en Pandemia: evidencias desde La Araucanía, Chile
Sostenibilidad y ODS


UN Sustainable Development Goals: How Companies Stack Up
One-Year Remembrance
Humane Gone Mainstream: The ESG Generation Arrives
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The Future of Leadership
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Humane Entrepreneurship in Action


Watch the 2020 MSMEs Day at the United Nations covering First Responders to Societal Needs.

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