President & CEO of the International Council for Small Business and Deputy Chair of the Department of Management for GWSB

My Dearest members of the ICSB community,


ICSB is an open, collaborative platform for entrepreneurial programs that highlight innovation, creativity, empathy, and inclusivity. We are a truly incredible organization, and when people ask me how or why I am quick to point to the intentional group action that ICSB takes on every day. This organization is moving forward; we are advancing more quickly than previously imagined. Therefore, to maintain the formidable work that is happening, I am asking you all to join me. This organization exists because of the mutual coordinated effort of our members working tirelessly all over the world. I am excited and honored to get to serve this community. 



At this moment, I can not help but reflect back to my first years of being involved with ICSB. I am blessed to have been shaped by some of the most generous and outstanding mentors who have spent time curating a flourishing organization, such as ours. 


ICSB is a wonderful and welcoming community. However, that does not make us perfect. Entering into our new normal, I hope that we can find a balance in uncertainty, a balance that values human-centered work first and foremost, one that seeks inclusion and opportunity. 


Best Regards,


Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy
President & CEO of ICSB

Dr. El Tarabishy is the President & CEO of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), the oldest and largest non-profit organization across the globe devoted to advancing small business research and practices. ICSB is a coalition of more than a dozen national organizations across the globe and represented in over seventy countries.


Recognized by the United Nations and the Permanent Mission of Argentina to the United Nations, Dr. El Tarabishy worked to create a United Nations International Name Day to be dedicated to Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs). These Name Days are designated on specific dates, to mark particular events or topics, in order to consciously and actively promote the objectives of the organization. With his novel idea, Dr. El Tarabishy managed to work closely with the Permanent Mission of Argentina to propose a resolution to dedicate a United Nations International Name Day to MSMEs. Approved by the United Nations General Assembly, the proposal was presented by the Permanent Mission of Argentina and 54 countries; thus, 5.5 billion people acted as co-signers of this resolution.


From that day forward, June 27th has been recognized as the official UN MSME Day.


Dr. El Tarabisy is an award-winning author and teacher. In 2019, the George Washington University New Venture Competition awarded Dr. El Tarabishy ‘Most Influential Faculty.’ Additionally, he is the only faculty member in the GW School of Business to teach in two nationally-ranked programs. Having developed the first Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Creativity courses offered to MBA and undergraduate students, El Tarabishy is constantly striving to find the perfect balance between tradition and modernization in his teaching pedagogy.


Sitting as the executive director of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), Dr. El Tarabishy works to uphold the standards and initiatives of the oldest and largest non-profit organization across the globe. ICSB promotes the advancement of small business research and practices. The Council stands as a coalition of over a dozen national organizations, being represented in over eighty countries.


Dr. El Tarabishy created and managed the Global Entrepreneurship Research and Policy Conference (GWOctober.org), which is hosted at George Washington University. This conference combines the latest and most cutting-edge entrepreneurial research with the most pressing and important intra- and international policies to promote entrepreneurship and SMEs. This modern intersection has pushed this conference to high importance in global development.



Past Presidents

59. Ayman ElTarabishy (2020-current)

58. Ahmed Osman (2019-20)
57. Geralyn Franklin (2018-19)
56. Robert Lai (2017-18)
55. Luca Iandoli (2016-17)
54. Ki-Chan Kim (2015-16)
53. Ruben Ascua (2014-15)
52. Jeffrey R. Alves (2013-14)
51. Thomas Cooney (2012-13)
50. Don B. Bradley III (2011-12)
49. David Smallbone (2010-11)
48. Annette St-Onge (2009-10)
47. Charles H. Matthews (2008-09)
46. Rob van der Horst (2007-08)
45. Zulma Quiñones (2006-07)
44. Colin Dunn (2005-06)
43. Sandra King-Kauanui (2004-05)
42. José Romaguera (2003-04)

41. Anders Lundström (2002-03)
40. Klaas Havenga (2001-02)
39. G. Dale Meyer (2000-01)
38. J. Hanns Pichler (1999-2000)
37. Brian Gibson (1998-99)
36. Lois Stevenson (1997-98)
35. William J. Dennis, Jr. (1996-97)
34. Yoon-Bae Ouh (1995-96)
33. Ken O’Neill (1994-95)
32. Lloyd W. Fernald, Jr. (1993-94)
31. Eugene G. Gomolka (1992-93)
30. K. Mark Weaver (1991-92)
29. Bruce A. Kirchhoff (1990-91)
28. George T. Solomon (1989-90)
27. Harold P. Welsch (1988-89)

26. Raymond W.Y. Kao (1987-88)
25. Donald D. Myers (1986-87)
24. G.R. Butler (1985-86)
23. Justin Longenecker (1984-85)
22. Robert H. Brockhaus (1983-84)
21. Robert Bilodeau (1982-83)
20. Gerald E. Hills (1980-82)
19. Grant C. Moon (1980)
18. Carl M. Franklin (1978-80)
17. Ole S. Johnson (1976-78)
16. Wendell O. Metcalf (1974-76)
15. Robert O. Bauer (1972-74)
14. Harold Charlesworth (1970-71)
13. Wilford L. White (1969-70)
12. Shelden R. Wagner (1968-69)

11. William D. Boub (1967-68)
10. William A. Toomey (1966-67)
9. Ray M. Ayres (1965-66)
8. Eugene Swearingen (1964-65)
7. Roy T. Shaw, Jr. (1963-64)
6. Ralph C. Hook, Jr. (1962-63)
5. Willis J. Wheat (1961-62)
4. Martin L. Schotzberger (1960-61)
3. R. Ralph Bedwell (1959-60)
2. Joseph C. Schabacker (1958-59)
1. A.M. Woodruff (1957-58)