Past Events

In case you missed an ICSB signature event, we have the pages and content all logged here! Check it out below!

Past Events

MSMEs Day was created in April of 2017. June 27 was set out to be a day to celebrateand honor the successes of MSMEs around the world. They are the enterprises thatemploy us, care for us, and support us all year round.

The ICSB Global Youth Academy is an incredible opportunity for high school juniors and seniors, during which they will experience perspective-shifting and changing presentations and activities

 Humane Entrepreneurship (HumEnt) can be viewed as a strategic posture that inspires new forms of entrepreneurial strategies for wealth creation (Ireland and Al, 2001). This can be compared to the triple bottom line approach that argues for jointly optimizing social, environmental, and economic returns (“people, planet, profits”).

Leading in a Healthcare Crisis Developing a knowledge toolkit for leading during uncertain times.