KNOWLEDGE HUBS (KHubs) are institutions and/or networks, dedicated to capturing, sharing, and exchanging development experiences with national and international partners in order to accelerate the development of and around micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).


Knowledge Hubs consist of organizations, universities, research institutions, NGOs, and firms that are working to successfully create new knowledge, drive innovation, and build networks. Knowledge Hubs are localities with high internal and external networking and knowledge sharing capabilities.


Knowledge Hubs provide cutting-edge knowledge on MSMEs, emerging entrepreneurial ecosystems, humane entrepreneurship, SDGs, and other relevant topics. They serve as access points to the best industry resources, training, and current realities of MSMEs.

  • Access to ICSB Backing and Branding for Conferences and Certificate Programs
  • Monthly Access to Collaborate with Senior ICSB Leadership
  • Access to ICSB News, Events, & Live Webinars
  • VIP Invitation to Attend Conferences and Exclusive Boutique Events
  • Access to ICSB Training Opportunities and Discounted Certificates
  • Access to Membership Directory, EdExchange and ICSB Discussion Boards
  • Access to Journal of Small Business Management and to Other Affiliate Journals
  • Access to Entrepreneurship Research Data and Personal Copy of MSMEs Global Report
  • Subscription to the ICSB Bulletin

Each year, ICSB hosts various global conferences around the world, including The ICSB World Congress, The George Washington University October Conference, and ICSB Partner Conferences in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Being a member of the ICSB KHub Program will grant you access to 3 signature conferences a year. This is a $1200 value.

Your membership will include access to ICSB’s well known, Journal for Small Business Management, as well as the ICSB Global Report, which is released every year and includes articles from high level partner organizations from around the globe.

ICSB’s Senior Leadership Team is comprised of renowned leaders who possess a high level of expertise in the world of micro-, small, and medium-sized enterprises. Your membership includes monthly access to these individuals with the chance to collaborate or seek advice.

ICSB is the originator of the United Nations Micro-, small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSME) Day held on June 27 each year. Every June 27, ICSB holds a special MSME Forum at the United Nations. Access to this event with high level leaders is extremely limited. Your membership grants you VIP access to this event at the United Nations.

Your membership is annual $2000/per year upon approval.

KHubs Newsletter, August 2020