UNRaf Universidad Nacional de Rafeala


Who We Are

UNRaf was created on December 3th, 2014, Law N° 27.062 enacted by the Honourable Chamber of Senators of Argentina based on the original project of the former Member of the Parliament and nowadays National Senator Representative of Santa Fe province, CPA Omar Perotti. UNRaf is one of the 56 free and public universities that constitute the Argentinian National University System.

The National University of Rafaela (UNRaf) is located in the city of Rafaela, in Santa Fe province which is in the central region of Argentina. It projects its area of influence on more than 160 cities and small towns which constitute a total of approximately 600,000 inhabitants in all.

This population has a socioeconomic profile clearly defined by productive activities generated through entrepreneurship and the development of small and medium-sized industrial and agricultural companies, articulated by means of an extensive web of public and private institutions.

In this context, innovation, competitiveness, and development strongly connected to the territory are the fundamental concepts of the institutional identity of UNRaf that works permanently to strengthen its bond with the community through knowledge.

What We Do

In this sense, the capacity of articulating the centers of knowledge with the productive structures is the key to encourage the innovation processes that add value to the economy and generate highly-qualified employment. In Latin-American countries, this is of vital importance because there are still big challenges referred to the productive development and the social integration. 

UNRaf, which was newly-created, was born to adhere to Rafaela’s notable capacity of entrepreneurship and its region of influence and to contribute to the virtuous dynamics among knowledge, innovation and competitiveness strongly connected to the territory. At the same time, it promotes the articulation with other universities in Argentina and in the world through joint investigation projects, collaborative work and institutional cooperation. 

We thank the international community for the opportunity offered to us of integrating the global map of universities, institutions and companies in every Nation. We take advantage of the opportunity to invite you all to our dear Rafaela city, in Argentina or to contact us through the possibilities that current communications give us.

Ultimately, beyond any distance, we are united by the common goal of making a better world through knowledge.

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