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Budgeting 101

By Blossom

Wadhwani Foundation

Wadhwani Foundation’s primary mission is accelerating economic development in emerging economies by driving large-scale job creation through entrepreneurship, innovation and skills development. Founded in 2000 by Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, today the Foundation is scaling impact in 25 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America through various Initiatives like the Wadhwani Advantage. Wadhwani Advantage is a program for small businesses with an employee strength of 50 to 250 employees. The program offers high-quality advisory, strategic and operational service pro-bono and at a subsidized fee by our mentor-advisor consultants or partners.

The Michelson 20MM Foundation

The Michelson Institute for Intellectual Property (Michelson IP) addresses critical gaps in intellectual property education. With insights from leading IP specialists, they design, test, and share a comprehensive collection of IP education offerings for the next generation of inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs – all at no cost. Their comprehensive portfolio of resources includes a digital and interactive intellectual property textbook for general audiences, an online course, an animated video series, and a modular undergraduate curriculum.

Harvard University- Free Online Courses

 Harvard University is now offering free access to over 70 different online courses!

Online Resources from CASVA

 “The Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts provides a variety of online recordings, presentations, reports, and databases in the fields of the visual arts. We hope that scholars, educators, and students will find these resources especially useful now.”

Venturely.io for Entrepreneurship Education

“Venturely is our award-winning platform for entrepreneurs and innovators. Formerly known as smartbusinessmodeler.com, Venturely won the Reimagine Education Award from Wharton and QS for the best ICT Tool 2019. Next to playbooks, and interactive tools, users can benefit from the first AI driven Auto-Business Modelling tool in the world. www.venturely.io.

Bizzmoo.com for Online Teaching

“Bizzmoo is our platform to teach blended and entire online courses. You can setup your course, invite students and manage your online course within minutes. Optionally we provide video rooms of up to 50 users that do not require any installation with the best streaming quality among all services. www.bizzmoo.com

iChair.org for Virtual Academic Events

“With iChair we reacted to the need to move conferences, workshops or summer schools to the virtual world. iChair allows you to set up and host your academic event virtually, invite participants and host all necessary information. You can use it with your own video services such as zoom or optionally use our video rooms (up to 50 participants). www.ichair.org

STRATEGIC EXECUTION: An Integrated Strategic Planning and Execution workbook to maximize RESULTS.

Eduardo M Arroyo, Puerto Rico

“After 42 years experience in Strategic Planning, including Blue Ocean Strategy methodology, I recently finished my 6th publication, a workbook guide for developing a full Strategic Plan for all types and size organizations, and it is available for free (you don’t even have to give your email address to download it) at www.stratexec.net .”

Reviewing Your Business Health

Diah Yusuf, Indonesia

Change is a part of life. Especially in this moment, when we face though condition in the middle of pandemic COVID-19. So, how to have our business living with certainty in uncertain times ?

My Own Business Institute Provides Free Online Education

Dr. Drew Starbird, Ph.D., USA

The Santa Clara University My Own Business Institute (MOBI) is the world’s leading provider of free online education for entrepreneurs. MOBI believes in fueling dreams and confidence through accessible education. By providing an engaging, actionable, and understandable curriculum, MOBI is for anyone, regardless of educational background, technical training, or previous business knowledge. MOBI provides the foundation for students to take the first steps toward business ownership or to grow an existing business through two courses: Starting a Business and Business Expansion. The Starting a Business course helps students write a business plan with templates and instruction. MOBI provides additional information through videos, blogs, success stories, and links to other resources. Content is provided in English and Spanish. MOBI is to be offered to everyone, forever, for free thanks to the generosity of its founders, Phil and Peggy Holland and their legacy endowment. All participants are eligible to earn a Certificate of Completion from Santa Clara University for FREE! Students can finish a course in as little as 20 hours.

Amazon Audible Stories for Children

Amazon Audible, USA

Amazon today canceled the subscription of books and audio stories for children and students of all ages as long as schools are closed, kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.

All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet using the following link https://stories.audible.com/start-listen.

For those who have kids, can go download

Free Online Lesson Plans from Teaching Entrepreneurship

Teaching Entrepreneurship

The ExEC Online: Express Pack will be a collection of interactive online lessons you can plugin, individually or as a set, to your class through the end of the Spring term.

They’re specifically releasing exercises that are not only engaging, but relevant in this time of disruption and uncertainty:

  1. Problem-Inspired Idea Generation: Customers don’t buy products, they buy solutions to problems – and right now people’s problems have changed dramatically.
  2. How to Interview Customers: Now that business model assumptions have been flipped on their head, it’s more critical than ever that students learn how to effectively talk to customers to discover what problems they’re facing.
  3. Financial Projection Simulator: With a global recession looming, it’s essential our students understand the elements of a robust financial model, and how to develop a sustainable one.
  4. 60 Minute MVP: The key to thriving in the face of high uncertainty and limited resources is efficient experimentation.

Free Resources on MUSE During COVID-19

Johns Hopkins University, USA

In response to the challenges created by the global public health crisis of COVID-19, Project MUSE is pleased to support its participating publishers in making scholarly content temporarily available for free on our platform. With many higher education institutions moving into an exclusively online learning environment for the foreseeable future, we hope that easy access to vetted research in the humanities and social sciences, from a variety of distinguished university presses, societies, and related not-for-profit publishers, will help to support teaching, learning, and knowledge discovery for users worldwide (Read more).

Classroom Exercises for Entrepreneurship: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach

James D. Hart, United States of America

Entrepreneurship is a creative act with entrepreneurs creating products, services, jobs, economic stimulation, culture and more. This creatively written book offers a wide array of exercises of varied time requirements for implementation, as well as a complexity of content. In addition to more traditional topics, the book serves to enhance students’ imaginative and creative abilities so they can effectively problem-solve and build their creative entrepreneurial visions. Learning objectives can be directly implemented into syllabi.

Teaching Entrepreneurship to Postgraduates

Colin Jones, Australia

Written by the author of the successful Teaching Entrepreneurship to Undergraduates, this book promotes a learner-centred approach to thinking about how to teach entrepreneurship to postgraduates.


Akadasia, Singapore

“Akadasia is a Singapore based company that is in a very unique position to help all education institutes in Asia rapidly adapt to this on-going COVID19 situation by moving their teaching and learning needs online.

Our mission is to democratise education by helping students access education and gain independence through technology. We do this through FREEJOO, a learning management platform that enables educators to upload their curriculum for online delivery to their students in the language of their choice.”

12 Historic sites you can virtually tour from the couch during the coronavirus outbreak

Drew Jones, Washington Post

Here’s a lists of few places travelers can tour–– without having to leave the couch.

Q&A with Peter Piot

Jay Walker, TEDMED Foundation

“The volume and complexity of information can be daunting. But at last week’s 3-day TEDMED gathering in Boston, I had opportunity to interview on stage the world’s top virologist, Professor Peter Piot.

We talked about the coronavirus.

In plain English, Peter provided solid scientific knowledge about COVID-19 and how to cope with it. Short answers, clear explanations.”

View 100 Questions of Peter Piot, Director of London School of
Hygiene & Tropical Medicine by Director, TEDMED Foundation, Jay Walker below!

ICSB Family supports Italy:
Italian Air Force giving hope by playing Pavarotti’s Nessun dorma…

Vincero, Italy

Inspirational Video in Support of ITALY

Working through COVID-19

International Labour Organization

Strong social protection systems will help mitigate the employment impact of COVID-19. See the ILO’s response to the crisis at: www.ilo.org/covid19

Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

Francis J Greene, Scotland

This new textbook provides a strong bridge between entrepreneurship theory and practice and looks at the entire life cycle of a business, including the often neglected area of business closure. Underpinned by strong academic rigor, the text takes a critical approach, yet is also highly accessible and readable, explaining complex concepts clearly and succinctly. Research-led yet practice oriented, it examines the latest evidence-based thinking in the field and applies this to the practice of entrepreneurship through a plethora of practical examples, global cases, useful tools, and engaging, multi-faceted pedagogy (Read more here).

Use our unique discount code for our ICSB members (ICSB20) on their website http://www.macmillanihe.com/ . The code offers a 20% discount and we offer free shipping as standard. The discount is valid until the end of June 2020.

Strategic Management Practices for Professors and Students

Patrick Mc Namee, United Kingdom

“The Corona virus epidemic has caused many universities to close and offer tuition online. Effective online material requires tailored material but in many universities this type of material is in short supply or even non-existent. For many years I have been producing online material using the Apple iBooks Author app to create multi-touch books, which have embedded tuition movies, and then using the Apple iBooks Store (UK link: https://www.apple.com/uk/apple-books/) to distribute it globally. My books can be obtained by going to the iBooks Store and then searching by author for Patrick Mc Namee. Some books are free and the others cost $10.00 but free samples, prior to purchase are available for each book. Three books books aimed at helping professors to develop their own online tuition books and the others are aimed at students and contain online material on my subject (Strategic Management) which I have used in classes.”

Akadasia: Developing Engaging Online Learning Experiences

Neelesh Bhatia Singapore

A program developed by Akadasia for teachers, that helps teachers create more engaging content for students when using online platforms.

Time for Student-Developed Case Study

Anna Dębicka, Poland

Case studies can be used in education as a teaching method that gives students the task that feels connected to the real life. Introduced here Student-Developed Case Studies are an innovative variation of standard approach. This method of learning-by-doing is considered not only as one that improves collaboration between teams and among individuals, but also as one that increases the level of students engagement and motivation. Case studies can be an effective way to learn in the classroom but also through digital communication tools.

Here are 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free

Dhawal Shah

The 8 Ivy league schools have created over 500 courses, of which around 450 are still active. Class Central has made a collection of all these, which you can explore below.

COVID-19: Teaching Online with Top Hat

If you or a colleague have been forced to move a class online in response to COVID-19 and are not currently using Top Hat in that class, Top Hat can be used for free in that course for the remainder of the present semester (as of March 11th 2020). To take advantage of this offer, create a Top Hat course and send the 6-digit join code and the number of students in your class to support@tophat.com with the subject line “Free COVID-19 Top Hat Course.” Your course will be set-up within 30 minutes of the request. Full details on this offer can be found on our blog: Top Hat’s COVID-19 Response.

The Straight Up Business Institute’s full online Idea Maker Course

Alex Bruton, Canada

The Straight Up Business Institute’s full online Idea Maker Course is free until June 15, 2020 for educators and students having to teach remotely due to COVID-19. The content is deep and the videos and worksheets stand on their own. It’s rich and self-paced so students can work on their own time. It’s complete enough to replace regular lectures and enable exciting remote discussions and / or a personal or small team remote experiential project for 1-8 weeks. The topic is broadly defined as strategic ideation, i.e. ‘implementing the right it’ before you proceed to ‘implementing it right’ in order to come up with the most highly impactful and imminently feasible version of your idea. It complements approaches such as design thinking, the lean or business model canvas, and business planning. Your students will only have to drop in a free activation code to get immediate to access everything. And you’ll only need to share the link to each module by email when you want to assign it. Click the blue button below for more details, for preview links to each module, to hear from other educators who’ve used it, and to get access: https://www.straightupbusiness.institute/educational-impact

Dafero Life Skills

Lina Zdruli, Albania

Dafero Life Skills is an educational app that equips vulnerable communities with the life skills needed to become self-reliant, financially empowered, and the ability to integrate into their communities and thrive daily, for themselves and their families. This app was built for people that are in a state of vulnerability, like refugees, human trafficking victims, victims of domestic violence, low-income youth, and others. However, it is open for everyone interested in improving their soft skills (Read more).

Turning SMES Around—On Breaking and Making Organizational Paths

Hartmut Meyer, Germany

Entrepreneurship tools as well as general management education. This lectures can be provided online with a great experience in practice and research.

Where To Play— The Market Opportunity Navigator

Sharon Tal Itzkovitch, Israel

Choosing which opportunities to focus on is a crucial and ongoing process throughout the life of a business, yet it is often one of the trickiest questions that managers face when striving to start or grow the company. The Market Opportunity Navigator is a simple and solid framework to help entrepreneurs and managers identify, evaluate and prioritize market opportunities for their business, so they can set their strategic focus and move forward with confidence. In the following links and attachments, educators can find the required resources to teach and apply this framework online. Following a 1 hr webinar for educators, you will be able to teach your trainees how to apply the 3-step process and its dedicated worksheets with the attached slide deck. You can also show them one full case study with the below video, and give them the opportunity to download the worksheets and apply it on any innovation.

The following links provide guidelines and supporting materials:

A 1 hr webinar for educators and mentors

A 10 mins case study 

– Download worksheets at: https://wheretoplay.co/worksheet/ For more information visit: www.wheretoplay.co.

For any question or additional support, feel free to contact us at: info@wheretoplay.co.

Child Friendly Explanation of Coronavirus

This presentation created by Manuela Molina Cruz and submitted on behalf of Ahmed Osman, President of ICSB, teaches the child friendly approach to explaining the coronavirus crisis.

UNESCO Distance Learning Solutions

UNESCO compiled a list of educational applications and platforms to help parents, teachers, schools and school systems facilitate student learning and provide social caring and interaction during periods of school closure. While these solutions do not carry UNESCO’s explicit endorsement, they tend to have wide reach, a strong user-base and evidence of impact. Most of the solutions are free and several support multiple languages. If you a digital learning provider and have a robust product that you think warrants inclusion in the list of resources below, please send an email to COVID19taskforce@unesco.org

This was provided by Ms. Amal Mowafy, ILO Regional Youth Employment Technical Specialist, based in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. She has over 20 years of leadership and management experience. She brings along diverse experience from the UN, development partners, the public and private sectors as well as academia. She has a solid track record of high-level policy dialogue and partnership building in the areas of public finance, youth employment, entrepreneurship and education; and gender equality across the African continent. 

Social Change Innovators

Social Change Innovators’ goal is to create synergy between faculty teaching and researching in the field of social entrepreneurship to build long term impact. Their values include empowering others, respect and integrity for those we serve, and encouraging synergies and partnerships with partner faculty and institutions.

They believe their impact is dependent on a strong collaboration with our partners who are committed to achieving social impact. Their goal is to make an impact on the field of social entrepreneurship by sharing best practices, developing tools and strategies and empowering others to be as Gandhi said, “the change you wish to see in the world.”

New Technologies and the Transition to Formality: The Trend Towards E–Formality

This paper by Decent Jobs for Youth, focuses on how technologies can enhance the impact of institutional public policies addressing informality. Today, an increasing number of governments are promoting the application of new technologies to simplify and facilitate the transition from the informal to the formal economy. These “e-formality policies”, as in some cases, are related to e-government initiatives. It analyses some emerging public policies or public-sector practices and tools where technologies have already been implemented directly or indirectly for the transition to formality. This raises the questions if these policy innovations will transform the way formalization policies will be implemented in the future.

Global Employment Trends for Youth

The present edition of the “Global Employment Trends for Youth” report, compiled by the ILO’s Employment and Labour Market Policies Branch, is concerned with how the technological advances of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” present young people with both opportunities and challenges in the labour market. It includes up to date global and regional trends on key indicators for youth employment and delineates the role of public employment services for navigating the labour market. Succinct policy implications on how new technologies can prepare a better future for young people complete the edition.

Youth Transitions and Lifetime Trajectory

The authors of this working paper explore patterns of reproductive, educational and school to work transitions using data from the ILO School-to-work transitions surveys mainly from low and middle income countries. They find that these transitions are highly interrelated and have important consequences for future pathways or trajectories.

Decent Work for Rural Youth

This article is a portfolio of Policy Guidance Notes on the Promotion of Decent Work in the Rural Economy.

Design Thinking for Social Innovators

Stanford Design School

When Einstein said “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them,” design thinking is a methodology to creative problem solving.  At the heart of design thinking is the focus on people.  Thanks to the amazing content shared with educators from the Stanford Design School process, we have developed a classroom PowerPoint presentation that the students through the design thinking process including empathy mapping, defining the need, brainstorming multiple ideas, and prototyping potential solutions.  You have succeeded at design thinking if you the solution meets the needs of the people.