Introducing the New Journal for the International Council for Small Business (JICSB)

JICSB Vol 1 Issue 2 Call for Papers

            The Coronavirus Pandemic hit the world with an unexpected jolt – medically, socially, and economically.  New modes of behavior, increased use of computer and communication technology to maintain social interaction, shifting education delivery modes, business shutdowns, and significant loss of jobs are just a few of the areas changing the lives of billions around the world.  Governments responded to and continue to respond to this crisis with a variety of policies and programs intended to blunt its impact.

            JICSB Issue 2 was intended to highlight the challenge of MSME sustainability, a critical topic for meeting the UN’s 2030 Development Goals.  Now it will come out while we are still in the midst of the crisis and the topic of sustainability is even more important.  What is on the other side of this pandemic?  Will MSME policies need to be changed to reflect a new reality?  Will programs designed to help MSMEs improve their performance and sustainability require a new focus, especially in developing countries? 

            Sustainability has become even more challenging.  Share your research on how we move through the social and economic recession with government support programs.  Share your views on what will be needed at the policy and practice level once the support programs wind down. and for more information on author guidelines and the submission process.

You can submit an idea for a research paper or case study, and the Editor will review it within 48 hours and send you a RESPONSE if considered for you to submit it with an expedited peer-review process under the personal supervision of the editor. Submissions that receive such consideration are likely to be published.

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