ICSB 2019 World Congress in Cairo – Memories for a Lifetime

July 30, 2019

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. In Egypt, and the ICSB World Congress, pictures were worth 10,000 words.

Throughout its history, Cairo has been a gateway for commerce and culture between the peoples of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. The 64th ICSB World Congress convened a world-wide gathering of entrepreneurs and thought leaders to host a global forum to discuss the future of entrepreneurship. ICSB and its partners explored how the paradigm shift towards a more inclusive economic growth and sustainability is impacting support for MSMEs. Inspiration from Egyptian small business leaders and experiences Leaders of Academic, Social and Political Organizations will continue a common reflection about the role of the entrepreneurial system in the pursuit of sustainability and social promotion. The results of the ICSB World Congress will nurture further initiatives of ICSB to be undertaken in the framework of the collaboration with many partners. 

Thank you Cairo for an excellent World Congress and Memories for a lifetime.

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