Salerno University Global Entrepreneurship Conference

On October 4th and 5th, Salerno University in Italy hosted a Global Entrepreneurship Conference titled “Social Innovation and Humane Entrepreneurship: From Policy to Action”. The main theme of the conference was discussed both in plenary and parallel sessions. The plenary sessions, in particular, were be based on the contributions of renown academics, esteemed politicians, and recognized (humane) entrepreneurs who took part in the debate as key speakers, discussants or story-tellers.

On October 4th, conference attendees convened at Salerno University to listen to an opening ceremony including speakers such as Renato Abate, Giuseppe Roma, David Storey, and Chantal Line Carpentier. After the opening ceremony, the speakers signed the “Salerno Declaration.” The Declaration calls upon Future Generations of Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Managers to continue to increase economic and business development in a synergistic manner with the efficient use of human resources and natural resources to help positively impact society.”

The afternoon at Salerno University was comprised of author parallel sessions of various topics including humane entrepreneurship, social innovation, and sustainable development goals. Over 50 papers were presented. Following the parallel sessions was a gala dinner in Ravello where 7 best paper awards were given out.

The second day of the conference took place in Ravello at the historic Villa Rufolo. Attendees had the opportunity to tour the expansive gardens that overlooked the coast. Speakers presented in the form of roundtables to facilitate open and progressive discussion related to pursuit of the SDGs, the role of MSMEs, and how to form a set of guiding principles. Speakers on the second day included a variety of speakers from different backgrounds, including the director of the Villa, Secondo Rufolo.


The recent Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) Forum held on May 12, 2018 at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC titled, “Creating a Shared Future” , was attended by more than 400 executives from the foremost leading governmental, academic, and small business advocacy organizations. ICSB, in collaboration with Salerno University, is pleased to announce the continuation of the global dialog and movement in support of MSMEs and their contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Salerno University will host a follow up global forum on October 4-5, 2018 to discuss the UN SDGs from a regional perspective, but with a global focus. Thought leaders are invited to discuss the pursuit of the SDGs, the role of MSMEs, and how to form a set of guiding principles to help implementation from alternative viewpoints. Salerno and Ravello are ideally suited to hold this conference because of their millennial history of kindness and the focus on humanity. People and their relationship to nature and sustainability will offer the “genius-loci” to help further explore these global topics, but from a local perspective. On October, 4th, at the University of Salerno, Key Speakers and Research groups engaged internationally on the themes of Social Innovation and the Humane Entrepreneurship will be presenting their most recent findings. On October 5th, the historic Villa Rufolo complex in Ravello will provide the setting for an informative discussion. Inspiration from Italian cases and experiences Leaders of Academic, Social and Political Organizations will continue a common reflection about the role of the entrepreneurial system in the pursuit of the sustainability and social promotion. The results of this debate will nurture further initiatives of ICSB to be undertaken in the framework of the collaboration with the United Nations about SDG accomplishment.


Entrepreneurship as an academic field began to form in the early 20th century, as economists observed the emerging role of entrepreneurs in economic development. Since that time, “entrepreneurial behavior” brings to mind a purely self-interested and, very often, a financially motivated orientation for doing business. In more than a century, many global positive and negative events transpired which started to change the perception of what entrepreneurship is, and should be. For these reasons, many qualifications of the “entrepreneurship” conceptualization spread out in the last decades: Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, and more recently Humane Entrepreneurship, to better describe new forms of Entrepreneurial Behavior.


The main theme of the conference will be discussed both in plenary and parallel sessions that will take place between Thursday, October 4th and Friday, October 5th. The plenary sessions, in particular, will be based on the contributions of renown academics, esteemed politicians, and recognized (humane) entrepreneurs who will take part in the debate as key speakers, discussants or story-tellers. During the parallel sessions, the papers (extended abstracts) that have been selected by means of a double blind peer review will be presented. Papers (extended abstracts) must be proposed in English. During the conference, other activities will take place, such as doctoral consortium, and a Learning Experiences Tour “on field”.


David Storey (Professor of Enterprise, University of Sussex, UK)
Chantal Line Carpentier (Chief of New York Office UNCTAD)
Claudio Gubitosi (Founder and Director of Giffoni Film Festival)
Ahmed Osman (President-Elect, ICSB)
Andrea Piccaluga (Director Institute of Management S. S. Sant’Anna di Pisa)
Giuseppe Roma (Former Director of CENSIS)
Francesco Castiello (Senator, President Fondazione Grande Lucania)
Cono D’Elia (Vice President Parco Nazionale del Cilento)


Roberto Parente (full professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at University of Salerno and ICSB Global Member)
Ki-Chan Kim (full professor at Catholic University of Korea and ICSB Global Member)
Ayman El Tarabishy (Executive Director of ICSB)
Winslow Sargeant, (ICSB SVP of Development)

The conference is sponsored by the University of Salerno and in collaboration with ICSB.