By Yingzhao Xiao,Marta K. Dowejko, Kevin Au & Anna J. C. Hsu

Originally published online: 13 Nov 2019


This study tests the thesis of the “jack-of-all-trades” – whether individuals with a variety of skills are more likely to pursue entrepreneurship – at the early stage of venture formation. We also investigate if entrepreneurial passion would heighten the effect of a variety of skills to make would-be entrepreneurs keener to pursue the startup process and form new venture teams. Taking advantage of a 10-month entrepreneurship training project, we tested our propositions with a longitudinal sample of 215 participating waged employees. The findings show that skill variety positively influenced participants to form teams for new venturing in the program, and such effect was stronger among passionate individuals. Implications of the findings for human capital theory and entrepreneurial practice are discussed.


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