Paris Proceedings

ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1-7324980-3-7

Access to Finance and Entrepreneurship Education

The rapid internationalisation of the venture capital market and implications to policy: The case of the United Kingdom (VIEW presentation)   (VIEW paper)
Yannis Pierrakis | Kingston University London

Cryptocurrencies and the role of Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) in the entrepreneurial finance (VIEW presentation) (VIEW paper)
Yannis Pierrakis | Kingston University London

Financing of Belgian SMEs after the global financial crisis (VIEW presentation)  (VIEW paper)
Eddy Laveren | University of Antwerp

Trade Credit: a vital resource in the entrepreneurial process  (VIEW paper)
Francisco-Javier Canto-Cuevas, María-José Palacín-Sánchez, Filippo di Pietro | Universidad de Sevilla

Awakening entrepreneurial emotions and intentions in non-business student courses through trigger events: the special role of teaching methods and teacher authenticity (VIEW paper)
Pierre G. Keller | University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern

Digital Transformation and the Economy

Digital technology, value creation and industry structure. Evidence from the Italian manufacturing industry (VIEW presentation)  (VIEW paper)
Marco Cucculelli, Arianna Saturni, Paola Antonelli | Università Politecnica delle Marche

Results of a qualitative survey on the application of computer system validation in European SMEs of the medical device industry – First findings of an ongoing research project  (VIEW presentation) (VIEW paper)
Marius Schönberger, Dr. Tatjana Vasiljeva | BA School of Business and Finance & RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology

Entrepreneurship Research: Questions and challenges for the future A content analysis to foster a discussion on society 5.0 and industry 4.0 and its implications towards future research on entrepreneurship (VIEW presentation) (VIEW paper)
Hartmut Heinrich Meyer | FOM Germany

E-commerce Adoption in ASEAN: Testing on Individual and Country level Drivers (VIEW presentation)  (VIEW paper)
Abu H Ayob, Azuddin Yakob, Roslan Ja’far | National University of Malaysia

Staring into the void: The role of labour regulation    (VIEW paper)
Patricia Leighton, Tui McKeown | IPAG Business School & Monash University

Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

Researching Entrepreneurship in innovation driven economies: Challenges and Problems on the basis of a holistic analysis of entrepreneurial intensions and activities  (VIEW paper)
Hartmut Heinrich Meyer | FOM Germany

Do we measure entrepreneurship correctly? Discussion paper on the measurement of entrepreneurship in innovation driven countries. (VIEW presentation) (VIEW paper)
Hartmut Heinrich Meyer | FOM Germany

Barriers to Growth in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems  (VIEW presentation) (VIEW paper)
Ivan Zupic,Tomaž Čater, Aleš Pustovrh | Kingston Business School & University of Ljubljana

Co-opetition Strategy and Incubator Performance in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem  (VIEW paper)
Christina Theodoraki, Karim Messeghem, David Audretsch | Toulouse Business School & University of Montpellier & Indiana University

Emerging Topics in Entrepreneurship

Humane entrepreneurship: some steps toward the development of a measurement scale  (VIEW presentation)
Antonio Botti, Roberto Parente, Massimiliano Vesci, Rosangela Feola | University of Salerno

The role of entrepreneurial education and support in business growth intentions: the case of Canadian entrepreneurs (VIEW presentation) (VIEW paper)
Dafna Kariv, Luis Cisneros, Mihai Ubanesco | College of Managements Academic Studies, Rishon Lezion, Israel and HEC, Montreal, Canada

Diagnosing regional entrepreneurial ecosystems. A new harmonized approach based on Global Entrepreneurship Monitor data  (VIEW presentation)
Niels Bosma | Global Entrepreneurship Research Association

What’s Missing in Entrepreneurship Education and Its Implications for Policy Development – A U.S. Perspective (VIEW presentation)
George Solomon, Ayman Tarabishy | GWU Professor and Editor of JSBM, GWU Professor and ICSB Executive Director

Day 1: IPAG Presentations

Ki-Chan Kim: Innovation-driven Performance of Humane Entrepreneurship
George Solomon: JSBM
Salvatore Zecchini: Pitfalls in Innovation Policy
Jonathan Potter: Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Policies

Day 2: OECD Presentations

Rudy Aemnoudt: Entrepreneurship Skills
Sandrine Kergroach: Skills for SME Innovation
Jonathan Potter: How to Update the OECD 2007 Evaluation Framework
Giovanni Zazzerini: Skills, start-ups, scale-ups, and SME innovation
Mattia Corbetta: The Italian Startup Act: a case study for policy M&E