Re-imagine Series: Imagine all the People Livin’ Life in Peace

Monday, March 29, 2021, by Ruth Dwyer


COVID-19 has turned the world upside down with devastating effects that will continue for years to come.  However, it is essential to take a moment and remember that this is not the first challenge the world has faced, and, despite wars, famines, and plagues, humanity has made great strides to improve the quality of life across the globe. We will recover and rebuild—that is certain, but towards what? What can you envision as the best possible world?

At this moment, I would like to dream about what is possible in a world motivated by hope and optimism. Many of the topics will align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, yet I would also like to look further into the future toward how we might conceive of an indeed just world. I would also like to engage in cross-pollinating ideas and practical next steps for the average person, business owner, and educator. Since every big plan is made of multiple actions, everyone is needed. That is why I ask that you all please join me as we explore what the world could resemble and how we can actualize this exploration.

Each month, I propose a subject and hypothesis and my journey to engage with said topic.

This week the subject is scarcity. Maslow notes that the most basic human needs are physiological needs for food, shelter, warmth, and rest.   What would a world where everyone’s basic needs are met look like? As the world undergoes a demographic transition, how can technological improvements impact people’s lives?  Furthermore, what societal changes can we personally influence?

Problem: Scarcity

Change Hypotheses:

Energy production and systems will become clean(er), relatively inexpensive, and widely available.

Recycled plastics and 3D printers will be relatively inexpensive and widely available.


Everyone will have shelter and basic needs met.

The value will be placed on each person’s unique individual contribution.

Challenge Questions:

Start at home: What is your unique combination of gifts?  Are you fully utilizing them?  How about those closest to you? What are their gifts? What do they need to develop further?

Think local: How does your business, job, or position meet a community need? Are there ways it can be modified to fit more or different needs? Do you see a condition that is not being met at all? Who are the people with the greatest need?

Go Global: How do you interact with the broader world?  Do you have the impact you want?

My response to the challenge:

As a pediatrician, I have encouraged people’s abilities and dreams for the past 20 years.  While immensely satisfying, I still heard the small whisper that knew I was not using all my gifts. I longed (and even longer) for a time when all people can make a living sharing their unique talents. So, in the Fall of 2019, I enrolled in the online MBA program at George Washington University, and I am now pursuing an interest in social entrepreneurism with an international twist. Micro, small, medium-sized enterprises are a cornerstone of this worldview. How better to seek a better world than through the expression, development, and sharing of one’s gifts?

I am still searching for how to generate more global impact. Through the internet, I have met people in more places than I could ever visit, and my dream for the world has become more expansive. This project, “Re-Imagine,” and the ICSB Womenpreneur “WE” program  (July 11-16, 2021 in Paris) are part of this journey.

The world has big problems, and everyone is needed to re-imagine solutions that meet these problems’ needs. We can’t move forward if we do not understand what the future looks like. Please help by sharing this post and engaging below.

I look forward to our conversation,

Ruth Dwyer, MD, FAAP


Ruth Dwyer

Ruth Dwyer

Senior Project Manager

Dr. Ruth Dwyer. MD,  serves as the Senior Project Manager for the International Council for Small Business (ICSB).

Pivoting pediatrician interested in social entrepreneurship, small businesses, and the SDGs. Ruth has worked on numerous medical startups. She enjoys painting, playing games, shooting hoops, and time with my family.

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