A Salute to Health Care Providers 

Friday, April 3, 2020

A Salute to Health Care Providers

Friday, April 3, 2020

Dear Health Care Providers,

Thank you.

Of all the words I could think of to start this letter to you, those had to be the first. Yet those words seem so pale and ordinary, weak words to express appreciation for strong deeds. Like many of the pioneering doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and others in the healthcare field before you, you have a long history of striving to dramatically improve the care of sick patients. It’s not different today; it’s no different in your case.

We know that your job goes beyond a single duty. You not only continuously care for those of us who are sick, injured, disabled, or dying, but you take on the responsibility of encouraging good health among families and communities, even when people close their ears to your sound advice. We know you are also busily involved in health care research, management, policy deliberations, and patient advocacy. It’s a full plate. Yet you’re not done there. Along with your job, you also juggle family life and higher education schooling. It’s truly impressive and not for the weak-willed.

But now the crisis has struck, and you are being asked to add even more to your plate. You are our first defense and our frontline–the place only the bravest dared to fight–in the battle against COVID-19. You are asked to go up against an unseen enemy, even asked to do so without adequate protection and amidst dwindling supplies. You’ve already made so many sacrifices, and yet you are being asked to make more, even at risk to your health, at the risk of losing sleep and rest, at the cost of being with your families.

As a Deputy Chair of the Department of Management at The George Washington School of Business and Executive Director of ICSB, I have always stressed the importance of cultivating empathy and humanity—a human touch when it comes to dealing with others—but you already had it. It’s why you are a healthcare provider in the first place. It’s your vocation and your passion. You carry that empathy and humanity through your exhaustion, under often difficult circumstances, and somehow find the emotional strength to comfort the sick, the dying, and their loved ones. How can anyone call all this less than heroic?

So, to all the brave health care providers—women and men—the moms, the dads, the sons, the daughters, the heroes, the fighters, the leaders, for your sacrifices. We can only end this letter with the sincerest and most grateful, thank you!

We ask all the ICSB and GW Family to do a Local Salute to all on the front lines of the coronavirus fight every evening by applauding them from your balconies or patios.

 Please check what time it is conducted in your Neighborhood. If not, please start it!

Article written by:

Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy
ICSB Executive Director
Deputy Chair of Department of Management at George Washington University School of Business

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